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Review on Ubex by alonbuchs .

Ubex - Powerful tool for Multinetwork-Advertising.

Mark those words! Sooner or later this project will grow huge.

When it comes to power combined with simplicity, Ubex takes the cake!

Ubex is a Multi-Network Advertising platform allowing a quick and powerful setup for ads on leading platforms including:










With more ad networks on the way!

Ubex makes it simple to spread wide and get the best bid from a varity of great ad service providers. This means that this platform can map the network and locate "gold mines" of traffic which can be focused upon for highly effective results.

Filtering work can also be done by AI, it doesn't get simpler than that!

Simply add your creative, define targeting and budget, wait briefly for moderation, and you're good to go on a multi-network level!

The platform also offers "Traffic wizard " pre-set campaigns for Crypto, Gaming, Finance, Gambling, and Food supplements.

Needless to say that all the classic tools known to advertisers are included for analyzing the traffic to your heart's content.

What takes the cake in my personal opinion is the kind support provided by the team. If you have ever had a taste of the catastrophic support on Facebook, the communication with Ubex will taste like heaven!

They care about their customers and will satisfy any issue while also being open-minded for suggestions. This is the reason why I rate them 5-Stars because people who listen are the most important thing a business should have in my opinion

If you've ever run ads I believe this tool is something you must check out.

And if you're a big business looking for cooperative partners who will provide great power in a weave of a finger, you should contact them immediately.

To sum it up, no other tool can reach the vastness of the web as Ubex does. If you want to be a traffic shark, check out this team of winners.

The platform uses the Ubex token as a utility for conducting payment.

And the company burns portions of the earnings which means the supply of the Ubex token will gradually decrease, making it a considerable long-term investment.

Best regards!

Pros & cons

  • High quality support.
  • Easiest way to be advertise on a multinetwork level.
  • Great AI optimization of campaigns.
  • Had a rough initiation with token value dropping.
  • As for this date. Not yet as popular as it deserves to be!