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Review on UniGraph by Antonella Rokusso


Sent to review decentralized transactions and created the label Graph. The main purpose of the token is to help track the DeFi region. However, as is clear, the enterprise does not seem to have achieved its goal.

The center was sent to evaluate a decentralized exchange and called the symbol Graph. The key purpose of the token is to help configure the DeFi region. Although it has to be self-evident, the task no longer seems to have achieved its goal.

I wholeheartedly agreed to build the work website. Articles that provide a brief overview of important presentations have made my job even simpler. In addition, by closing the solution to our wallet, it allows us to easily view our Portfolio Port. However, I do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. "

The site’s page interface, the financial exchange analysis, and the graphical graph that is planned at this stage are really great for getting instant information. However, Graf is not being replaced at other important stages.

Based on the fact that the Unigraph project can release significant help for all traders, additional zeros are needed to build the administration and element.

Pros & cons

  • His real name is Graf. it has a local symbol.
  • I couldn’t set up an effective framework for exchange there
  • It was ordered to be a fake scene