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Review on 🚿 Aromatherapy Shower Bombs: EUSEMIA 12 Pcs Scented Steamers with Essential Oils for Women - Body Restore Bath Shower Steamers for Stress Relief and Shower Spa Experience by Sharon Smith

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Sweet and refreshing

I have used a different brand of shower screens and they are better in comparison. First, they're bigger, emoji faces are cute, and they retain their flavor longer. Of course, once the water hits them - while the scent is being released - you expect the faces to be washed off. One of them lasts about 4 showers. It also depends on the water temperature. Cool water extends their life - 5 or even 6 showers. Really hot showers make them fall apart for 2 showers. This is a great way to freshen up the shower. I also wrapped a few in wax paper and made tiny holes in them to fit in closets. You must be careful not to rub the paint off clothing or surfaces. But showering is easy. Most of it is washed off in the shower. But some of the darker colors will leave a small residue. Using my regular cleaning solutions works - no additional products or effort required. For example, simply place them on a ledge, but not directly under a jet of water. They can also be used as bathroom deodorants. Putting them in wax paper with tiny holes in them also works. There are different flavors to choose from. It's also a cute pack to give to someone, especially because of the cute emoji. Something a teenager might particularly enjoy.

  • Material: They actually contain real herbs. They smell so good and aren't overwhelming. Vapers have a variety of options, and each one is shaped like a smile.
  • So far so good