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Review on Xiaomi Redmi 8 4/64 GB Global Smartphone, Ruby Red by Danish Affndy ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I expected more from buying, but not the worst option.

I'm not very satisfied with the phone because of the shortcomings listed above. Compared it and A3. A3 has a subjectively worse connection, I liked it less visually. And yes, the A3 does have a jamb with a screen lock during a call. While I was looking in the store - every time I turned on the speakerphone with my cheek when I tried to call. I think this jamb is due to the fact that the A3 speaker is located right at the end of the phone, and out of habit I placed the phone as if the speaker was a centimeter from the top edge. Hence the non-working blocking and complaints about the connection.

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  • -Battery. Lasts more than 2 days with intensive use (mainly surfing and instant messengers). I must say right away that I turned off 4G as unnecessary, and the "Reading" mode is always on. - Good screen - The size. Not small, but not super big, like Mi MAX 3. Fits into a bag and into pockets - A very good connection. And I can hear well. - Music quality through headphones. - Loud speaker. I liked it right away when I took it in my hand. Lie down comfortably. Watched it and A3. -I really like the "Reading" mode. Makes colors pleasantly warm. On all the time. -Navigation works well. - Some of the pre-installed applications are removed without problems. - minimum brightness - can be reduced to almost zero, so that it is comfortable in the dark. - No glitches, freezes, etc.
  • - Lack of light indication. This is a huge drawback - you have to constantly turn it on, watch something come or not. I think Xiaomi does not put an indicator so that people would also buy a smart bracelet in addition) - The camera is not great. Takes off the norms, but nothing outstanding. No 4k video. True, I don’t really need it, but at 12 megapixels it was possible to make pixel by pixel, without transcoding. - Headphone output on the bottom. Not very comfortable. - no call recording, but this is the jamb of the whole new android. - Tons of ads. You need to spend half an hour, which is the most prohibited everywhere. - Some kind of incomprehensible surveillance of me. You come to a place where you have never been with navigation turned off, and then you get a message "Rate this store" . - For some reason, the power consumption setting was hidden in Privacy and deeper . - I still consider USB C to be a disadvantage, because. in an instant, all the old chargers, adapters and data cables became useless. - Maximum brightness. On the street at max brightness, nothing is visible even on a cloudy day. - having used it longer, I lowered the rating to 3. It turned out that the phone does not see the flash drive with NTFS and does not connect to the monitor via USB C - HDMI. Just a bummer at all (

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July 14, 2023
Got pros: Didn't like anything! Especially the attitude of the support service to their customers Different cons: The phone broke after 3 months of work and could not find anyone to contact
July 14, 2023
Budget smartphone for the cost price.
July 13, 2023
Its pros: A very balanced and thoughtful phone with good stuffing, for the money. Different cons: A little thick, but this is the price for a large Akum.
May 30, 2023
Some pros: Everything was fine at first Has cons: With each ate, the sensor is more buggy and applications slow down, and it asks for too many permissions. Why does the calculator need my personal data.
May 30, 2023
Its pros: I don't even know what to say about merit. Has some cons After a week, the colors disappeared and the photosensitivity became unnatural and gray
May 30, 2023
Has some pros Good phone, bought for a fifth grader. Holds the battery well, enough charge for 2 days. Different cons: A bit heavy - but this is the downside of a capacious battery.
May 30, 2023
Has pros: Battery, memory, more or less camera Some cons: Compared to redmi7, the scanner is a bit inconvenient
May 29, 2023
Different pros: Smart, a lot of pre-installed programs Its cons: There is no contactless payment by cards. In motion, the pictures are blurry.
May 29, 2023
Some pros: - holds a charge well - reliability - build quality Has some cons - a lot of default applications, with an inconvenient location on the main screen of the phone
May 29, 2023
Phone for 3, maybe I came across such a device, and other people do not have these problems