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Review on Jessops by Tosin Temitope


The platform focused on selling the best product, it sell best on UK product only. It deals with selling photographic and video equipment, drones, lenses, accessories and the likes. It has many years of experience.

It offers one of the best online shopping services, The frequently asked questions, the answers is detailed and well arrange with simple terminology. Registration is easy, and the platform make provision for mean in which the people can be updated about the platform. I like all the course offers and the arrangement on how to attend the course, all the needed information can be access on the platform. It really widen the knowledge about photography and the likes.

The physical store also as different branches, i will suggest to the team behind the platform to think of moving some physical branches to part of Africa. Though the online shopping service can be access anywhere in the world, i am just of the opinion that this can equally gives it the upper hands.

I like it online services, the platform offers online services such as repair, photo printing and other services.

Pros & cons

  • Competitive price
  • Varieties of good quality of photographic and video equipment such as Canon, Sony, Niko and many more.
  • Courses is also available to acquired knowledge.
  • It has used equipment that can be bought in competitive price
  • Different payment methords
  • More fiat currency should be added