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Review on Apple IPhone 8 Plus Cell Phones & Accessories by Nguyn Qu Thnh (Lo Lo ᠌

The quality is at the highest level, be sure to try it.

I decided to switch to it from the normal six and purchased it almost shortly after the beginning of sales because I knew I was going to swap the six after two years anyhow. Because I use my phone so frequently for work and not so much for personal use, I chose to upgrade to the 256-gigabyte version of the Plus model. It's cool here because there's a camera, of course, so that explains it. The portrait mode is just fantastic. Because it is already obvious that this is a smartphone and not a full-fledged DSLR, I don't even bother trying to look at the large screen on the device. The photo on the phone screen is too similar to the one on my DSLR to tell the difference. Yet, I haven't even touched my DSLR camera since I bought it. As for the screen, there is nothing more to say about it because it is also a category! Because there is only room for one connector, it is inconvenient that you cannot listen to music while the device is charging. I won't be purchasing wireless headphones because I know I'll end up misplacing them the very same day. I'm going on vacation, and I wanted to buy a camera that could take pictures underwater. However, I just got a case that completely seals an iPhone, so I'll try to take pictures with that instead. When I get there, I'll enhance the review with some photographs taken underwater. In general, if you sit tight on the Wasp and the price doesn't scare you too much, if you had the last model from the six and older, then I can confidently recommend it to you! You won't fail to observe a distinction. About the move from the seventh to the eighth, I have nothing to contribute because I didn't use it. I have no idea who talks about the scratching screen because I never noticed it myself, despite the fact that I have never glued any films or glasses. The glass back casing has a fashionable appearance and does not slide around in the hands at all. Nevertheless, if you place it on a flat surface, it would attempt to leap off of it; consequently, I had to install a cover on the back panel so that it would not break.

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Pros & cons

  • Camera! Screen! Yes all!)
  • Because of its weight, you need to keep it steady with one hand for an extended period of time (even my husband's hand is becoming fatigued).

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