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Review on πŸ” Enhance Your Viewing Experience with ViewSonic XG2401 FreeSync Monitor: Advanced Ergonomics, Full HD, Swivel & Pivot Adjustment, Anti-Glare Coating, HDMI by Bobby Crossley

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Probably the best 144Hz freesync monitor in terms of value for money.

In the few days that I've had it, I've just been blown away by the monitor. This monitor replaces the BenQ RL2455HM for my computer and outperforms my old monitor in every way. Quick background: I had a 60Hz TN gaming monitor with an R9 390. I wanted to go up to 144Hz and Freesync. So, for around the same price, you can get either this monitor or the AOC G2460PF monitor (which is listed cheaper), which is 144Hz and Freesync compliant. There really isn't much of a difference between these two monitors. Both feature a fully adjustable Vesa mount stand, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms gtg response time, flicker-free backlighting, AMD Freesync technology, average-quality OSD controls, built-in speakers, and other small features. Freesync range 30-144Hz vs 48-144Hz With my 390 I get 90+ fps so I never have to worry about the minimum 48Hz range of freesync so it doesn't bother me too much. better display colors (it sucks a bit after factory calibration) and better quality control. A little more expensive but worth it for me. Now to list the PROS: 144Hz refresh rate: you really have no idea how smooth it runs above 60Hz until you switch between the two. Also great for games. AMD Freesync: Seriously, I can't imagine playing games above 60 fps without having some sort of adaptive sync like Freesync or Gsync. On my R9 390 I typically run all my games at 90 fps to over 144 fps at the highest settings. So in older games that can play at 144fps you can use v-sync, and in newer games that can't play at 144fps there will be a TIP (that sucks!). But with this Freesync, you don't have to worry about that anymore. DISPLAYPORT 1.2 MUST BE ENABLED in the monitor settings menu for Freesync to reach its full potential. Adjustable stand. With a stand that allows for very little angle adjustment, this stand is amazing. In particular, the height adjustment and the ability to rotate the base of the stand. Non-PWM lighting: My old monitor had it too, and that can't be seen as a downside. Seems to help with eye fatigue. Colors: This monitor appears to have fairly well calibrated colors and some of the best contrast levels of any TN panel. Viewing angles are a downside with all TN-based panels, but since I'm looking directly at the monitor, it doesn't bother me. In addition, the display does not dazzle. THE ONLY CONS: As I mentioned above, the monitor has a minimum frequency of 48Hz for freesync compared to a similar AOC monitor. But that doesn't apply to me as I don't get such low FPS in any of the games I play. The negatives are so few for me that this product still has a five star rating and probably doesn't affect many people's decisions. My display settings are: contrast (55), brightness (25), color adjustment (custom color: R97, G97). , B100), Sharpness (75), Dynamic Contrast (Off), Eco Mode (Default), Blue Light Filter (100), Display Mode (Default), Smartsync (Off), Freesync (On), Response Time (Enhanced), Low Input Lag ( super fast), Black Stabilization (4), Advanced DCR (0). I then used Windows Calibrate Display Colors to lower the gamma from below to 25% because it's too high. In addition, you can customize it to your liking.

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