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Review on πŸ–₯️ AOPEN 16PM6Q Bmiux 15.6" Portable Full HD Monitor, 1920x1080 Resolution, 60Hz Refresh Rate, IPS Panel by Mahendra Elias

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Decent portable monitor; can be powered via USB-C; some color issues with red tones

I have a high end 17 inch laptop that I use when I travel for work. Most of my work is computer related, so I'm on this laptop all the time. Part of what I have to do is create presentations, code, fill out Gantt charts, and other tasks where having access to multiple windows is very helpful. Although I've had this problem in the past with a little used one If you have solved a Windows function that enables this, for example to use a second computer as an extended monitor, this procedure is error-prone. I've been looking for a suitable, travel-ready external monitor for a long time and this is it. The size of this monitor is best considering the 1080p resolution: 15.6 inches. This is enough for you to read full-resolution text with ease. In any case, higher resolution is only scaled down to allow readable text. 1080p is also good for video or gaming I like that this monitor has a sufficiently low power consumption and can be powered entirely via a USB-C cable, which can be powered from a PC source. If you have a USB-C port that is either Thunderbolt or some other alternative transfer method for data and video, connecting to that port via the USB-C to USB-C cable (included) is all that When you need maximum brightness and volume, you'll get a warning that you've exceeded USB-C capability. In this case, you can use an external power supply (input included) with another USB-C port on the monitor. Note that the USB-C ports on the monitor also support pass-through power delivery. So if you connect the monitor via a power bank, it will also charge your laptop via a USB-C connection to the laptop. The power supply itself is rated at 65W, so the amount of power available to your laptop will be less. To access the external monitor control panel, press the button on the lower left side of the external monitor stand. Monitor. This gives access to several dialog boxes (see photo) where you can set brightness/color/contrast/etc. change, set the input (Micro HDMI, USB-C), adjust the volume, etc. Windows recognized the monitor immediately (no additional drivers required). ) and supports refresh rates up to 60Hz. The monitor I received had no dead pixels or glare. However, it had problems displaying red. In my photos you can see the monitor in screen mirroring mode and looking at different colors in the pixel checker. You can see that for most colors, the portable monitor matches the colors seen on a high-end laptop screen. However, for red, the external monitor displays orange instead of red. I've been messing around with the color settings on the monitor and no one has been able to fix this issue. I tried another external monitor connected via the same USB-C cable and it showed the expected shade of red. So this appears to be a defect in the outer cover of the monitor. The workmanship is of high quality and the stand, which can be tilted by up to 90 degrees (see photo), works perfectly. The monitor comes with a felt case for travel storage, which is nice, although I would have preferred a felt case with a lid. The package also includes two data cables: a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable and an HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable. Please note that the monitor does not support touch screen functions. It also has a built-in speaker. The built-in speaker is OK, but rather weak. The sound quality is decent and the volume is not very loud. Most people will probably rely on the audio coming from their laptop's built-in speakers or an external speaker. (The monitor has a 1/8" mini-jack audio output). Overall: Pros: Light weight Thin bezels Good build and solid platform hinge USB-C only (supports Thunderbolt 3/4 or alternative video) Bright, clear image with good viewing angles Comes with a felt case for protection during travel Cons: Doesn't Display True Red (looks orange) Navigation using the buttons on the screen isn't very convenient The built-in speaker isn't very good No touchscreen

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