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Review on πŸ“¦ Premium Scotch Shipping Packaging: 6 Rolls of 3850 6 – Efficient and Reliable Shipping Solution by Hannah Curi

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One of the most reliable, but not the most budget.

Good day, dear friends and guests of my review! Today we will talk about another useful device in everyday life, namely, Scotch mounting adhesive tape from the 3M company. I must say right away that such adhesive tapes are completely different. The main difference between them is their "holding capacity". That is, there are weaker adhesive tapes, where only 2 kg of the weight of the object being fixed goes per 30 cm of the tape length. And there are stronger ones, like mine. My tape is called "Super Strong". It allows you to fasten up to 6 kg of weight for every 30 cm of tape. Accordingly, in order to fix 12 kg of weight, you need to cut off 60 cm of tape from a roll and glue it evenly over the entire area of the object to be fixed. I hope my explanation is clear. This is what mine looks like in the factory box. The front side already contains a lot of useful information. For example, what temperature conditions can this tape withstand without losing its properties. Its dimensions and consumption per 6 kg of weight are indicated. I always try to buy double-sided tape with increased strength to avoid all sorts of mishaps. I consider the tapes of this TM to be one of the highest quality and most reliable, they have never let me down. On the back of the box there are detailed and even visual instructions on how to use this adhesive tape. I'll show it to you. Here everything is described in detail and clearly. The only thing I will focus on is the key point - you always need to thoroughly wipe off dust and dirt, and also, if possible, degrease the work surface before sticking double-sided tape on it. Otherwise, everything will simply fall off, no matter how high the holding capacity of the adhesive tape. The instructions must be followed strictly, then everything will work out for you. 3M double sided tape is made in the USA. Information about this, as well as the contacts of the importer, is on the back of the box. I'll add them. The top protective film of an adhesive tape of red color. And he is grey. With it, I often broadcast pictures on the walls. They hold long, strong and reliable. Not one has yet fallen. The only downside is the price. Unfortunately, it's not as affordable as I would like it to be. Last time I bought my scotch for 238 wood. There is only 1.5 m in the tape, in fact, this is not as much as it seems. Otherwise, I can only praise the 3M double-sided tape and recommend it to anyone who needs it. I would like to find such a transparent one, but so far I have not caught my eye. Thank you all for your attention. I hope my review was helpful to you! Until new reviews!

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  • Reliable, durable connection, withstands high and low temperatures, holds a lot of weight.
  • Expensive.