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Review on ๐Ÿ“ฆ Premium Scotch Shipping Packaging: 6 Rolls of 3850 6 โ€“ Efficient and Reliable Shipping Solution by Carla Anderson

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Practical, aesthetic, and most importantly - without nails!

The idea of buying some duct tape was mine. A couple of years ago I planned to hang a framed papyrus in the hallway. Of course, it didnโ€™t come to the realization of this idea, however, we nevertheless purchased mounting adhesive tape - in a hardware store, the packaging of a fairly well-known Scotch brand loomed very successfully before our eyes. There was no particular choice among the assortment of Scotches, so they took one that could withstand the maximum allowable weight of up to 2 kilograms. It is unlikely, of course, that a wooden photo frame weighs so much, but we decided to have a margin of "strengthโ€ ... It turned out that our foresight "firedโ€ in the future. About six months ago, I bought an LED touch lamp for the kitchen under the wall cabinet, but, taking pity on the facade, I flatly refused to fix it with screws. Thanks to my husband for reminding us that we have Scotch. For a decent time, the whole structure hangs and no problems. The adhesive tape stuck to the locker perfectly, you can even say that it grabbed a stranglehold, see the photo below (the connection between the lamp and the cabinet where there is an adhesive tape is circled in a red oval, the photo is clickable). The search for the next challenge for Scotch mounting tape was short lived. For a long time I have been hatching a plan to finally fix the IKEA basket - IKEA Rationel Variera for bags in the cabinet under the sink. A colleague gave this "happinessโ€ two years ago, but the native mounting tape of the basket died for a long time, unable to withstand the load, either those very notorious packages, or the own weight of the structure. Therefore, after consulting the instructions, I show how I implemented my idea with the help of Scotch mounting tape. Step one - I cleaned the surface of the furniture facade from the old adhesive mass (remnants of the mounting tape). Vodka was used, because there was no alcohol at hand. Step two - I did a similar procedure with the end part of the basket. Step three - I decided on the area for placing the basket, and then I pasted several pieces of tape on its end part. Step four - with the help of the second half, I peeled off the protective film on the back of the mounting tape. In this case, nails and a clerical knife were used, because instead of a film, the adhesive tape itself strove to fall off the surface. Step five, final - we attach the basket to the previously chosen place, slightly pressing down in the area where the tape is located. Further, you can again push all the necessary and unnecessary packages into it. As in the case of the lamp, the mounting tape seized instantly and holds the structure flawlessly. I tried to move the basket with an effort, it turned out to be unrealistic. Perhaps someone will disagree with me that this mounting option is much more convenient than screws and nails, because in case of dismantling the facade and tape can be damaged, but still, in my opinion, this approach is more aesthetic (the tape is transparent ) and more convenient. Since there are 3 meters in a roll of mounting tape (and I kept wondering what "3 mโ€ meant until I unwound a few pieces of tape), I think that placing a lamp and a basket in the kitchen is not the last purpose of its use. However, time will tell where else we use Scotch, perhaps we will take it to the country, there are also enough ideas for using it. Well, dear friends, I advise you to pay attention to this tape in hardware stores, it definitely wonโ€™t be superfluous.

img 1 attached to ๐Ÿ“ฆ Premium Scotch Shipping Packaging: 6 Rolls of 3850 6 โ€“ Efficient and Reliable Shipping Solution review by Carla Anderson


  • Allows you not to use another mount, reliable, durable connection, sane cost, 3 meter reel
  • Possibly poorly removed after dismantling

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