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Review on HD JUNTUNKOR Portable Rechargeable Headrest by Theres Hallow

HD JUNTUNKOR Good dividend - all pros and cons about this

Hi all. When I did aerobics at home a few years ago, I had a question about how I would do it in the country, because there is no DVD player and a very old TV. And in order not to stop my studies during my stay in the country, I purchased a portable Goldstar DVD player in the Eldorado store. I thought that this company had not existed for a long time, but it has now been renamed LJ, with regard to large household appliances, and Godstar produces all sorts of little things, such as radios, portable dividushniks and other good things. There was not much to choose from, because the rest of the company did not inspire confidence, such as Supra, Scarlet, Mystery. This one was the most expensive of them and cost 5000. In the 90s, we had all the equipment at home only from the Godstar company (some still exist - a TV and a music center), That's why I chose this company. Supra, Mystery and Scarlet cost 2000-3000. It is quite heavy, weighing approximately 1.5 kilograms. This DVD player can also be used as a TV. I tried, but he couldn’t catch very many channels, and it wasn’t very good to see (but I tried to do it in the country, so it might be different in the city). To do this, he has a special antenna. It opens by lifting its upper part. It can work without being connected to the network, that is, it must be charged like a laptop, and it can work without a network for several hours. To insert a disc, you need to press the button to open it, and the lid that covers the top of the disc will rise up. It has volume up buttons, but it has a very small one, but it’s basically normal if no one in the room makes a lot of noise. There are also forward and backward buttons. Display quality is good nothing ripples or flickers. It works well, does not freeze and does not buggy. And this is his rear view, where his model and other data are indicated: He also has a screen that rotates (this also attracted me when buying, because other dividushniks do not have this) Now I don’t use it, I decided to sell it, because there is absolutely nowhere to study at our house. But if someone decides to purchase a DVD player, I can safely recommend this time-tested company and this model to everyone. He definitely won't let you down. As a TV, it probably still isn’t very good, but as a DVD player it performs its functions very well, and I never had any complaints about its work. So I advise you to purchase this model, a good option for giving, because many in the country have old TVs that cannot be connected to a regular DVD player.

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Pros & cons

  • Works well, the screen rotates, holds a charge, reads all discs, a company proven over the years
  • Dear was