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The best thing about this program it's that its easy of use even if your not familiar with any programs or computers at all! I think one part would be helpful in case i forget something (maybe like an option so we could download more than 1 file) but everything was great overall :) Definitely worth trying out!! We're using ubit as our tool during recruitment process since my department wants us always stay up-to date regarding what people are searching online related to work topics they might haSee full review

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SteelCentral is reliable and easy to use. I have used it for years with no problems. It is easy to configure and manage the applications of the clients. I use the application for the day to day operations of my clients. I have not encountered any problems with SteelCentral. I recommend using SteelCentral to all organizations. SteelCentral has great value for the customers who have applications. I use SteelCentral to ensure customer satisfaction of the product and services. The ability to integraSee full review

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I love this stuff!! It's great for everything from my bangs to my lashes... it stays put all day without flaking or smearing at ALL. Seriously you can't go wrong if you buy this stuff. ! I was looking for a new glue for my hair and this was the only one that did not run or smudge. I have used it on my hair for a year now and it has never run or smudged. It is also great for my face. I have used it on my face for the last year and it has never smudged. It is also very easy to apply. I would defSee full review

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It's easy to use, it has all of our needs met for scheduling employees with different shift types (day/evening) as well any needed overtime or vacation time! I like that you can customize your own workflows in many ways when creating schedules which gives me more control over how my staff works each day compared other programs out there we have used before - but dislike being locked into using only those pre-defined options from one provider instead allowing us full customization so they are notSee full review

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I like that it is easy to use and has all of your resources in one place so you don't have to go searching through different files/sites/programs. Sometimes I do wish there was more ways to customize my schedule but it's not too bad. It can be difficult at times if you are trying to make changes mid-year without knowing what exactly changed between two years ago. It would also help to know when something will change if you're making edits. We've been able to save time by having everything we neeSee full review

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I like how easy it is to use, especially when there are multiple users in one location! It would be nice if they had more options for customizing your dashboard so we could see what our clients were doing at all times instead of having them log into their accounts separately after each shift or day off work (which can sometimes take hours). We have been able solve issues with absenteeism very quickly which has improved attendance overall as well since employees know where those absentees go nexSee full review

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I like how easy it was for me to figure out everything about my shifts! I have had nothing but good experiences with this program so far. It's super helpful when you need help figuring something out right away without having to go through multiple people or emailing someone back & forth. The only thing that could make it better would be if they offered more flexibility in terms of being able to change your schedules as much as you want (so often you're stuck). If you're looking for an efficientSee full review

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I like having everything available in one place to see all of my appointments, so that's great! The app is also very straightforward for scheduling an appointment with another person or myself as well within our own practice without needing more than just us two doing it at once. Nothing really about this software but would love if we could have more integrations into other softwares such as EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) which are required by most practices nowadays. If you're looking for soSee full review

🚀 unleash the power of agent entropy uranus gfp2 en054 ultra! logo

I don't know why but this was one of the best purchases I've ever made. This game is not only fun to play but also super nostalgic. I'm so happy that I found it. This is pretty much my only copy ever in existence so it's kind enough to be rated very highly here! But seriously just get this game if you want some good old school gaming nostalgia that also happens not have any foul language or other stuff like we don't need your dirty little mind anymore thankyouverymuch I AM GETTING OFF THIS COMPUSee full review

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The most useful part of this software is that it can be used as an internal tool to track your workflows in any department (eg marketing). It also allows you create templates which makes creating reports easier than before because all information are already gathered within one place! Nothing really I dislike about our team using tara but sometimes when there's too many emails coming from different sources we have trouble keeping up with everything at once so maybe having tabs would help us bettSee full review

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I love every feature it has from content creation tool, project manager etc! It helps me manage my projects along with our colleagues all over India through web browser which is really great considering its mobile friendly interface. Nothing much as such but there needs little improvement like customization options could be more helpful. But overall experience was awesome and definitely recommend anyone who wants an efficient way to collaborate across different locations using cloud application.See full review

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The software is very easy for our team of professionals, there are many features which can be used by all members in one place at once without any confusion or problems with it's use as well! It would have been nice if they could make some minor changes like adding more icons so we don't need an internet connection just because you want us not go through your website when trying out new products/features but instead right from within scape soft itself! Great product overall - I've had no issues See full review

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The ability to see where projects are in the process of completion and where they are in need of assistance from the team members is great for tracking progress and managing project timelines. I like that there are no limits to how many people can work on the same project at once. There are also no time-stamps associated with each task or project, so it's difficult to determine when the project was started, completed and updated. For my organization, this has been helpful to keep us all on the sSee full review

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The customer support at least once per month with all their questions answered in order to help us get our operation running smoothly again after an outage! Great team of people who are always willing & able to assist you when it comes time implement new systems or processes - without any push back from them they will do whatever needs done so we can move forward as quickly (and efficiently) possible!! We've been using this product since 2012 during my tenure there I have never seen anything notSee full review

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I absolutely love the fact that I can edit my own work and that my edits are instantly reflected in the document. I can't think of anything I dislike about PageProof. The only thing I can think of is the fact that sometimes it is hard to find a particular word, or a particular page. However, this is a minor inconvenience and definitely not a deal breaker. I highly recommend PageProof. I use PageProof to proofread my work and make sure it is error free. I also use PageProof to make sure my work iSee full review

govisually logo

I love that you can quickly send screen captures directly from PowerPoint or other programs into your document without having to do any additional work outside of just sending it in as an image - no extra steps necessary! Sometimes there are issues with formatting but they have been addressed very well since then. It's pretty awesome how easy you are able to get all these documents together so easily compared to our previous system where we would be creating one file at a time instead of multiplSee full review

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The most amazing thing about this service is that it has helped me to achieve so many things in my life at such an affordable rate which was really helpful. I used their services for editing writing skills of mine as well as other online tasks like proofreading or data entry related work. They are very professional with great customer support. If you have any problem they will solve them immediately. Nothing specific but everything works perfectly fine when using these guys' products/services. ESee full review

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The bot is very nice and easy to use. I like that it is able to connect to my Google voice number and my email. I do not like that it will not connect to my Whatsapp number. I have not had any issues as of yet. I would recommend this to everyone who is in need of a symptom checker. I have been able to check on my symptoms and make sure I am not missing any issues that I am having. I like how it has an easy interface, which is very simple to understand. It's also helpful because you can do your rSee full review

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I have had experience with many different virtual assistants, but no one has been as reliable or thorough as Zirtual. The team at Zirtual is incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns. They are also very easy to communicate with. Their rates are very reasonable considering their quality of work. I highly recommend Zirtual! My specific requests were met with professionalism and accuracy. I am able to trust that they will handle all aspects of my projects. I have not experienced any downsSee full review

simple poll logo

It's easy to use, great for surveys/polls in an office environment or at events with attendees who may be new to using poll apps like this one. I really liked how it was integrated into our team chat so we could respond easily from wherever we were hanging out online. The only thing that would have been nice is if you didn't need to add people manually because there isn't a way to just search by email address like other services do (like Survey Monkey). If you're looking to run quick polls throuSee full review

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