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Review on πŸ€— Ultimate Comfort and Custom Fit: Adjustable Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Support by Carla Anderson

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Support Breathable A good helper for injuries - all pros and cons about this

Last summer, something bad happened to me - I managed to stumble out of the blue, fall and, as a result, a severe ankle sprain. After I rested for a week, the traumatologist recommended that I wear an orthosis for the next two to three weeks. What it is? This is an orthopedic fixing bandage, which allows you to fix the joint in a certain position with an adjustable degree of rigidity, as well as limit its movement. Indicated for use in injuries and injuries of the ankle joint, rehabilitation in the post-traumatic and postoperative period. Having learned about this, my colleague gave me a brand new orthosis, which she did not need, but it fit me perfectly in size. By the way, such a device costs more than 2000 rubles, so I am very grateful for such help. Orthosis was in the box. On the reverse side is a brief description and indications for use. Made in Germany. There was also a passport in the kit, and I found the instructions on the Internet. This is what the Orlett Lab-201 ankle brace looks like It looks like a sock with open toes and a heel. On the leg, fastening is made due to the high lacing, which allows you to adjust the pressure on the leg and position the orthosis on the leg with maximum comfort. The orthosis is reinforced on the sides with four metal stiffening ribs, they are very light and do not affect the weight of the product. Through special slots, the ribs can be removed if washing is required (by hand). The material from which the orthosis is made is elastic and breathable. The leg is very comfortable in it - the foot is firmly and securely fixed, it doesn’t rub anything anywhere, you can put it on both on the sock and on the bare foot, I put it on without a sock, because it was summer. And even went to work - she was able to put on light sneakers. Here is what the orthosis looks like on the leg. I took it off at night, but wore it during the day for two weeks, despite the heat, although I really wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course, the Orlett ankle brace is a necessary and useful thing, because thanks to him, during the rehabilitation period after an injury, my leg was able to fully recover.

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  • Helps with injuries and injuries of the ankle joint
  • No