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Review on Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Adjustable by Morgan Gilmore

Impressions after three weeks of use...

Hi all. Alas, joint problems can overtake at any age. I am a little over 30, and I had to go to the clinic with wild pain in the ankle and sit in line with the surgeon. Of course, the doctor examined me and diagnosed me with Achilles bursitis of the left ankle joint. In addition to NSAID treatment, I was recommended to wear an ankle brace. The doctor, of course, gave me a leaflet with a note on the model and the address of the store, but due to absent-mindedness, I lost it, and therefore, having entered the Health Pantry orthopedic store, I simply indicated the degree of fixation - medium. The girl measured the circumference of the ankle, I have 20 cm and brought a suitable model of the Fosta 2221 retainer. The fixer is packed in a bag and a box. I was even lucky with the color, got a practical black. There are three color options and a size chart on the box. In my case the size is S. It sits perfectly on the leg. The main thing is to put it on correctly - with the seam up. It's hard to go wrong here though. The latch consists of neoprene, to be honest, it didn’t tell me much until today, as the back of the package says, neoprene products provide a thermal effect and a micromassage effect. Also on this side of the package, indications for use are described, there are quite a lot of them. And a contraindication for skin diseases. By the way, despite the fact that neoprene is porous in structure, it is resistant to all kinds of infections and fungi. The retainer is easy to care for, it is enough to wash it on both sides in cool water, no more than 30 degrees, with a gentle detergent. You need to squeeze it out very carefully and dry it away from the heaters in a straightened form, avoiding tension. Do not machine wash, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. I washed it several times by hand, strictly following the care instructions and the fixative did not lose its shape and properties, like new! Care information is also duplicated on the label on the fixer itself. But the label, after almost three weeks of daily wear, came off. The fixative has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture, which is indicated on the side of the box next to the barcode. Designed in the USA and made in Taiwan. Has solid recommendations, according to the print on the other side of the box. Well, about the effect, I can say that it's just Kaiffff! When I put it on right on tight tights while trying it on in the store, I already felt relief in the sore spot and got into my boots right in it and went to the cashier to pay! The use of the fixative for me was a huge relief of my condition and I am very grateful to my doctor who recommended it to me! If suddenly you need to use clamps, I recommend paying attention to Fosta products! I was also lucky with the cost, initially the consultant called the amount of 690 rubles, but at the checkout it turned out that it costs 490 rubles, it turns out that there were discounts on some models!

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Pros & cons

  • Effect, ease of maintenance and operation, affordable price.
  • Minor maintenance features.

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