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Review on πŸ€— Ultimate Comfort and Custom Fit: Adjustable Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Support by Dawn Chambers

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Support Breathable what to wear after a cast - all pros and cons about this

In the summer, a nuisance happened to me - a fracture of the outer ankle without displacement. With such a fracture, treatment begins with the imposition of plaster. I already wrote about the advantages of plastic gypsum. But now this unpleasant period has passed, the plaster is removed and the question is - what's next? I was advised to wear an ankle brace for a while. I must say that orthoses are different, with varying degrees of fixation. There are with stiffening ribs, there are with gel inserts. Immediately after removal, it is recommended to put on a rigid orthosis. Orthoses are sold in specialized salons and online stores, but I still recommend contacting the salon. One of the most common models is the Orlett orthosis. I chose the lace-up model, it seems to me that it is easier to put on than the one with ribbons. The Orlett orthosis is available in several sizes. In order to choose the right size, you need to measure the foot. The salon will do it for you professionally. In addition, the selected orthosis can be measured. The orthosis is something like a sock without fingers, with a cutout in the heel area and lacing. From the sides in the orthosis there are special slots where stiffeners are inserted. This is how they look. The stiffening ribs are made of aluminum, so they do not add much weight to the orthosis. Their function is just to protect the ankle from unforeseen situations. The fabric, of course, is not natural, polyester, but at the same time it is something like a dense mesh. The leg in such an orthosis is comfortable, does not sweat, does not rub, does not irritate. All seams are neatly stitched. Holes for laces with metal edging. The laces are strong, not slippery, the knot holds without problems from morning to evening. There is a special tongue in the middle of the lacing so that the lace does not slip. The tongue of the orthosis also confidently stands in its place. In general, in terms of wearing a very comfortable thing. There is only one color - black, but this is normal, white would quickly get dirty, and the rest of the colors would stand out strongly in shoes. Orthosis can be worn on a bare leg or toe. On the toe is preferable for hygienic reasons. Although the brace is washable, washing instructions are given on the box. Washable by hand in warm water with shampoo. Before washing, the stiffening ribs must be removed. Dry away from heating appliances. Putting on the orthosis is easy and simple. First you need to relax the lacing as much as possible so that the leg enters without any extra effort. And then lace up. In the ankle area, I lace up stronger, and leave it looser on top, so as not to put pressure on the leg. Despite the apparent softness of the orthosis, it perfectly fixes the leg. The difference in the orthosis and without it is very noticeable. The orthosis is removed at night. With such a device, it is already possible to put on normal shoes and finally get freedom of movement. But, of course, but the foot will fit into all the shoes. I can wear sneakers, but there is no way to wear sandals. So while you have to move around either in sneakers or slippers. I bought it for 69.44. Belarusian rubles, this is about 35 dollars. Unfortunately, getting sick is expensive these days. And finally, a few general tips about the fracture: - be sure to find an opportunity to apply not ordinary, but plastic gypsum, it will greatly facilitate your already difficult condition --Take calcium supplements such as osteogenon --eat foods containing calcium and gelatin --Buy a portable magnetotherapy machine, it will speed up the rehabilitation process. It is inexpensive, but it has a wide range of applications and in life it will come in handy more than once. - to move around the apartment at a time when it was impossible to stand on a broken leg, I used an office chair on wheels. I don’t know how original this solution is, but I’m sharing it just in case. -- Be an optimist, in the end, there is a blessing in disguise. During an illness, you can read, watch a movie, sort out photos, and even clean up your apartment. --Don't read the forums! Negative experience and whining of some comrades can significantly spoil the mood. The main thing is to believe that everything will be fine! And may the orthosis never come in handy!

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  • Light, comfortable, fixes the leg well, you can wear shoes
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