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Review on Nintendo Switch Pro Controller by Link Link

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The best pro controller for pro gaming

1. How did I get this controller.

in 2017, a few months after I got a nintendo switch, this controller was given to me by my dad, since I didn’t have one, and I played with built-in small joycons, I was surprised and glad, because it was convenient for me to play with old, but when I tried the pro controller I was surprised how easy it was, as the buttons were big and easy to press, so I easily passed Zelda with my dad. I want to add that he had an ideal battery for 2017, it held a charge for a whole week, which is VERY good, but during this time (5 years) it was depleted, and now holds a charge for 3-4 days.


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usability. this controller was so good that most of the Nintendo Switch users had a pro controller, because it was more than the built-in joy-cons, and Nintendo was not only in children, but also in adults, and their hands were large, because These pro controllers became very popular and their price went up, but after a few years they became cheaper, so now is the best time to buy them. so, the buttons are pressed easily, the actions are instantaneous, so the delay is very small, so this controller is suitable for e-sports, for games like splatoon, war thunder, Fortnite and so on.


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how good is it after 5 years. time has battered this controller notably, the plastic has lost its beauty in the places where you held it, the rubber on the sticks began to wear off, the battery began to hold a charge less, but to be honest, I played very often, that's why it was so battered, if you play a lot, then it will be the same with it as the controller, however, if you play once a week or an hour a day or less, and charge it to the maximum, then it will serve you for ten years or more, but I do not recommend buying the same version as mine , because there are hundreds of new versions that are better, lighter, faster and hold a charge longer, so the choice is yours.


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conclusion. Is this controller worth the money? I’ll tell you right away and honestly, now, in 2022, no, but if you bought it in 2017, it would cost all the money, now you can buy new versions and revisions that are several times better than this controller, I I recommend you the 2021-23 versions because they are the best, now I will give you an example of them: controllers from Nintendo, they are the best. well, the choice is yours, I recommend not to buy controllers from aliexpress and non-original controllers, but only Nintendo.bye, see you in the next review, bye!

  • comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Good material
  • Good value
  • Good paint
  • Good battery
  • Loud
  • Hard to get
  • Old
  • Easy to break