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Review on TotalBoat Aluminum Canoe Paint: Enhance Your Canoe with Quality Coating by Scott Ward

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1959 Lone Star 14 " Fishing Boat Looks Brand New!

This paint looks great!I applied the paint with a Devilbiss 1.3 gravity gun.I also sandblasted my old boat as it had 50 year old factory paint on it.My finish before painting was like 100 grit sandpaper and the first coat dried quickly but looked stained.I was a little apprehensive at this point but the second coat looked much better and I had enough paint to take the top half of the boat off a third time.It dries very quickly and can be washed with soap and water I applied each coat about 1.5 hours after each and before application not sanded towards the last layer as indicated in the instructions. I also thinned the final coat with water as recommended by the jar. It also says you can etch the aluminum with denatured alcohol, but mine was just water/sandblasting so I skipped that. Also, I only pressure washed the night before and put the boat in my heated garage overnight at around 60 degrees. The can says to color around the 70 for best results. I also think you should let it dry for a week before using the boat in the water. The results were so great I ordered the original Lone Star decal set off e-bay for $6 and the boat looks brand new. I just painted a 14ft boat outside and used all the 2 quarts I bought. If it takes a long time, then the money was not spent in vain. I spent a total of $200 on the entire job, including $100 on the sandblasting and the rest on tape, paint, and plastic to build a makeshift spray booth.

  • ATTRACTIVE LOW GLOSSY FINISH: Ideal for aluminum canoes, boats, pontoons, hunting and fishing boats, john boats, duck boats, hunting blinds, tree stands, ladders, boat trailers and more. Easy to make hunting camouflage
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