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Review on STAEDTLER Sharpener Prevents Accidental Work Station by Jamie Rausch

STAEDTLER sharpener Excellent sharpener: my truth review

I also bought a Noris Staedtler pencil sharpener based on reviews in the Labyrinth online bookstore. Yes, it is expensive, 300 rubles. Quite small in appearance, but what ... Which I only realized after I sharpened my pencils. And she didn't spare the money at all. Because from that time I got rid of problems with sharpening pencils. I already had one decent mechanical sharpener (I'll talk about it later), but it did not sharpen triangular pencils. And I just could not find how to sharpen them quickly and efficiently. This sharpener will sharpen everything! It looks like a small plastic barrel. Slightly larger than ordinary sharpeners, but it is quite possible to carry with you to school: Button, by pressing which the top is disconnected from the bottom and you can pour out the sawdust: This shows which pencils can be sharpened: The top is closed with a plastic cap, even if it breaks off over time, I think it's not scary: This is how it rises - and below are two types of holes for pencils: This sharpener fits all the pencils I have at home, and I'm happy! Now all pencils look like this in a matter of 1-2 seconds: And so far, not even a single one has broken in the process of the point. By the way, the pencils from this company are just as incomparable! And I also have oil pastels and a lot of different things from this brand.

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Pros & cons

  • Quality, convenience, lightness
  • Price
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