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Review on DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Automatic Cappuccino Espresso by Alvin Siah ᠌

A practical product, nothing to complain about.

The machine is good. But after a few months I realized that finer than 5 degrees of grinding with a medium-dark roast will always taste bad. So for the first months I drank on medium-small, and then only on large When buying a car for 100 thousand, keep in mind that you overpay 99% just for the brand, convenience, screens, bluetooth and other nonsense, and not for the quality of the drink. That is, in 99%, if there is a difference in taste, then it is absolutely not comparable with the overpayment. If you are a coffee lover and want the perfect espresso, take a prosumer or professional cone + a good milk, not a machine for 100+ thousand. But with a horn more fuss, of course. For example, I sold 2 of my expensive professional horns and bought an automatic machine, because I'm too lazy to mess around like that every time. Get good coffee. Best freshly roasted from trusted vendors. Supermarkets almost always have old grain. Now there are still a lot of fakes on coffee like Lavazza. I used up a few packs of coffee before I figured out why I always end up so sour. In St. Petersburg, the water is very soft, and I put a filter that goes to soften the water more. He's not needed! If in St. Petersburg, then do not put it at all. You can also buy water like the Holy Spring, etc. and experiment. Taste may vary depending on the degree of mineralization If you drink cappuccino and latte, then almost always the result will be good - milk will fix everything. The main thing is to take milk with 2-3% protein and better not fat. It takes a little getting used to the cappuccinatore - it's not automatic, but for me after the horn it's even better. On professional machines similar. So you yourself can control the temperature, the density of the foam. Just bring the cappuccinatore to the edge of the pitcher and lower it about 1 cm into the milk. When the milk level rises, raise the cappuccinatore also higher. If you drink espresso, you need to buy freshly roasted coffee beans. Set the grind to a minimum, the fortress from the middle to the end. And the volume is 40 ml somewhere.

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Pros & cons

  • + flexible grinding setting (13 degrees) + convenient location of the water tank, suitable tank volume + democratic price + small depth (I needed no more than 43 cm, this one is just 43) + you can adjust the temperature and get really hot coffee + autowash when on/off + 5 year warranty
  • - not direct grinding (that is, if you changed the settings or changed the coffee, then the change in taste will be felt only on 3 cups somewhere - with a delay, and not immediately. A lot of coffee consumption is wasted while setting it up) - for a very long time I could not understand why such sourness is obtained. It is necessary to write in the instructions what and how, otherwise there is no information even on the Internet - a useless function for already ground coffee - only 1 spoon, which often wakes up in the wrong place and nothing tasty comes out of it - not quiet, but I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me too much - the display is only in the form of icons a little uncomfortable, but ok - the lid that closes the bean compartment is not airtight (fall asleep for 1-2 servings just so that the coffee does not disappear) - there are many degrees of grinding, but starting from the 5th and finer, the coffee grinder burns the grain and spoils the taste. Coffee becomes bitter and not tasty, that is, there is no point in these degrees (if it had not burned the grain, it would have been)

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