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Review on Medical Grade NuVein Surgical Stockings With 18 MmHg Embolic Recovery Support, Unisex Knee High Fit, Open Toe, White, Medium Size by Cindy Plant

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Helpful, But a Bit of a Puzzlement to Me

NuVein Surgical Socks, Anti Embolism 18 mmHg Medical Support for Women & Men, Knee High, Open Toe, Medium. Most people call anti embolism stockings compression stockings or compression socks. They are used as medical compression stockings to treat venous and lymphatic medical problems. These stockings are unisex, opaque. They hug the legs to evenly reduce fatigue, pain and swelling, may be used during and after activity, for recovery or as a medical compression sock. Medical Grade; provides relief for varicose veins, swollen ankles, edema in the legs, swollen legs during pregnancy, travel , DVT Prevention, shin splints. They may be helpful after leg vein stripping., prolonged standing. They are recommended during hospital stays or periods of inactivity, not every day. These NuVein anti-embolism knee high socks exert moderate compression (18 mmHg, feature lightweight fabric, reinforced heels. They may be used to maintain normal circulation, blood flow in bedridden or limited mobility patients;. To relieve numb aching in ankles, legs, feet, for post-surgery, sclerotherapy, EVLT, DVT. Also as Thromboembolic Deterrent (ted) stockings to heal. Measure according to size chart image. Made in the USA.My left calf tends to swell badly, particularly in these long hot muggy Southern U.S.A. summers. As a result of broken bones in the foot, and the stripping of a vein in open heart surgery. But anyway, I can use these stockings occasionally year round. I’m a bit puzzled, however; at least the pair I was sent are white, which means health care workers to me, and I imagine they are very helpful to health care workers who are on their feet for long shifts. However, with the open toes, they might be particularly useful in summer, when they can be worn with sandals. But I have never in my long life seen any health care worker wearing sandals while on duty. And, as an ordinary woman, I can’t imagine wearing white stockings out .So it’s a bit of a puzzlement to me.

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  • Provides 18 mmHg embolic recovery support, promoting circulation and reducing the risk of blood clots
  • The material may be too thin and prone to tearing or ripping, requiring frequent replacement