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Review on Dell 34 Inch Ultrawide Monitor P3421W QHDwide3440X1440P, 60Hz, Flicker-Free, Swivel Adjustment, Anti-Glare Coating, ‎Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor – P3421W by Darius Romero

Me = Very happy with this display

My general thoughts: I am very happy with this display. I did a lot of research on what works best for my situation. I wanted something that looked reasonably professional and sleek, and most options in the price range are geared towards gamers and look like gaming monitors. I initially looked at 4k monitors for resolution, but there just aren't many ultra-high-resolution options for less than $1,300. I can't remember exactly how I found this display, but I'm glad I found it. At the time of purchase, it cost $679. A few days later I noticed that the price had gone over $700. Sorry to see this for those who are interested. I was a little nervous about the resolution but needed to remind myself that I was still moving from a $150 24-inch 1080p monitor. I plan to use this connection with the new MBP, I don't know yet if I can wait for possible updates next year. I am currently using a Windows 7 machine that I built 8 years ago. Anyway, back to the resolution: 1140p looks good compared to 1080p, and the fact that the screen is huge really changes the game in terms of performance. I use mine for school and work and gosh it's amazing when the windows are around. Where I work I have 2 monitors set up but I just prefer it a lot more. It's clean, uses less power, fewer wires, and does the same thing. You can even get "super ultrawide", but I think that's a little overkill, at least for me. I recommend reading all the specs and features as there are a lot of them. Visit for more information. Connection and Settings: I connected it via DP (Display Port) and it calibrated itself. I didn't change any settings, the aspect ratio was perfect! Color calibration and all settings are perfect. I won't set anything up. It's cool for me, I mean I've spent hours setting up my 70 inch 4K TV. I was still playing around with it after a few years. Don't forget that this display comes with HDMI and Thunderbolt inputs with multiple USB ports. This allows you to start your laptop and keep it charged to boot. Picture Quality: Maybe my old monitor is just bad, but I am so happy with this purchase. The picture quality and clarity are fantastic. This monitor is not advertised as UHD. So if you're expecting UHD, this isn't the case. But seriously, most people can relax about it. This cannot be compared with an iMac Retina display, for example. So it would look out of place next to it, but as a primary display and clamshell laptop it doesn't disappoint. I uploaded a lot of high resolution ultra wide images for my background. You look great. I ran some color and gamma tests and this display was perfectly calibrated right out of the box. Plug and play, in my experience. Yes, it's worth noting that it's fairly bright, no complaints about the brightness. Build Quality: I like the design of the display because it looks great in the home office. I'm not a fan of gaming style displays, they just strike me as a bit cheesy with the logos and lines added. I see this monitor as a conservative luxury design, like a BMW 5 Series versus a Honda Civic Type R. Nothing against the Type R, it's an outstanding vehicle and an engineering marvel. It just looks like a cartoon. The bezel measures approximately 1cm and has a ¾ inch chin at the bottom. A film is included on the screen. Most people won't even notice it and it's barely noticeable all the way to the very edge and seems to protect the screen so I leave it on unless it starts peeling off naturally or something. multiple cables! I was thankful for that. I think it had a power cable, HDMI, DP and USB-C and some cable management accessories. The box impressed me the least. It's just ordinary, plain old cardboard and the lady laid it aside outside my door. The wind might blow it away or something. hey i got it alright so i'm alright Bonus: I also ordered a new Logi placemat and mouse. Both are great! Desktop Stand: MX Master: Mouse /dp/B07S395RWD/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=logitech+mx+master&qid=1625000349&sr=8-2

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Pros & cons

  • I love this monitor! There was no space for 2 monitors, which is perfect. Outstanding picture quality
  • i will be quiet

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