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Review on Frida Baby'S Gas And Colic Heating Pad For Natural Belly Relief - Instant Tummy Warmer To Soothe Discomfort And Relax Bellies, Ideal For Colic Relief by Mike Steeg

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not sure if it really helps.

The NICU nurses used hot packs on my baby's abdomen when he had gas, so I decided to buy these and see if they would help him at home. I'm not fond of having to "recharge" the packs by boiling them after every use, and so right now they are sitting under his bassinet, both cloudy white from being used. It's hard to make myself clear them up when there's a lot to do and I don't know if they help to begin with. There's no strap to hold it on his belly like some other products, so you have to put it in the hand pouch and hold it on his belly. This also makes it less convenient. Overall, not a terrible product, but it could definitely be improved with a hands-free option.

  • Good product. Not too warm for my infant. I would recommend to other parents.
  • I did not notice any difference or relief in my little one. Waste of money in my opinion