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Review on Ninja K32502 Foodi NeverDull German Stainless Steel Chef Knife & Sharpener Set, Premium Black by Mike Bonilla

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My Husband Is Impressed- He Likes SHARP Knives

It all started when we got a set of Chef Quality Henckel knives. My entire family likes to cook chef quality meals so everyone began to fight over those knives. When it came time to do food preservation in the harvest season, it got really bad. My husband is fanatical about sharpening knives and one of our kids takes after him- well not with a knife, just in the sharpening preference.I got this set to mollify them.HOW THIS COMESThis comes well packed in a box with good cushioning. The sharpener is well packed and taped down to avoid any mishaps or damage in shipping.IS THE KNIFE SHARP AT FIRST?This knife is not dull when you get it- it is very sharp. Be careful. We got a few weeks of use out of this before Mr Sharpen The Knife started his ritual.SHARPENERAlthough my husband still swears by the old Henckel sharpener as his favorite, he did say that this sharpens well and he is happy with it. He never fails to mention that it is a bit of overkill and huge to store. But it does the job and keeps the process free from danger if you have others around you need to be careful around when sharpening.BALANCEDThis knife is well balanced. It is easy to hold and does not slip out of the hand easily. When doing large scale prep work with slicker foods, it is a bit tougher, but this still worked out great. It seems well balanced- another comment my husband makes often.SHEATHIf this came with a sheath, it would be perfect. As it is, you need a knife block to store this in and if you don't have one, it is a challenge to find a place to store it where it won't be dangerous since it is so sharp.THE BOTTOM LINEThis is a nice knife set. The sharpener seems like a bit of overkill, but it is a safer way to sharpen if you are concerned about the process.MY RATINGI am torn between FIVE and FOUR stars. This really needs a sheath on it to make it easier to store since it is a single knife. However, it is a nice knife and works well along with the sharpener, so I will stick with FIVE. It pushed through hard potatoes like butter.

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  • 8.07 x 2.68 x 15.04 inches
  • The knife isn't dishwasher safe