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Review on Dark Iron Fitness Dip Belt – Padded Leather Weight Lifting Belts W/ 40 Inch Strap For Squats & Pull Ups - Men & Women Weightlifting Up To 270Lbs by Jamie Sorenson

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My 2nd Dark Iron Fitness product. Quality Gear!

This is my second Dark Iron Fitness product. I also own their lifting belt. I've been using that product for about 6 months on a regular basis and it's still in great shape, like new, but broken in a bit. When they came out with this dip belt I knew I wanted it. The ones at my gym are the kind with the chain that you hook back through itself, meaning that it's kind of a pain to drop the weights between sets. Since this dip belt has separate connections for holding it on your waist and for holding the weights, it's much easier to drop the weights between sets. The waist connection is the type that loops back on itself, almost like a double D ring from a motorcycle helmet, but it's squared and has the sliding bar. The strap that goes into this has a rubbery material sewn in on the side that doesn't touch you, making it extremely secure. It doesn't budge. This same rubbery material is on both sides of the strap used to hold the wights, which helps to keep them secure. It is connected via carabiners on either side to D rings on the belt. For me, the strap length is perfect, because I use weights that have holes near the sides for handling. When I hook a 45 lb plate to this, it hangs well clear of my, ahem, sensitive areas, but when I stand up, the plate is clear of the ground. I have a 34 inch inseam. I don't think I could use regular 45 lb plates with this belt because the strap is not long enough to use the center hole of a plate and have it clear my junk.I've used the dip belt twice now, and it appears to be the same quality as the weightlifting belt. It's very comfortable and stays in place well during sets as well as between them. I've used it for pull-ups as well as dips and it's very stable.If you're looking to start getting your own equipment because you work out at home, or because your gym doesn't have belts, or the ones they do have are gross, Dark Iron Fitness stuff is a great choice. The quality is high, and the prices are more than reasonable.Update 4 Dec 2018: I've had this guy for over a year now, and it's still in great shape. Turns out that I can use it with 45lb plates without too much trouble. I've attached 2 of the thick bumpers to it, and with those on there, it hangs just low enough to clear my sensitive bits. I think a third bumper might cause issue, but narrower plates should be fine.

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