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Review on 🌧️ OAKI Rain & Trail Suit - One Piece Rain Jacket & Pant for Kids and Toddlers - Girl & Boy Waterproof Outdoor Suit by Jason Childs

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Whether it's snow, rain and/or wind, my Forest School students wear Oakiwear much more comfortably than their friends.

I help/direct the Forest School at the Montessori Peace Center in Bellingham, Washington, a non-profit Montessori school whose mission is to help families who cannot afford preschool/childcare. One of my students and his younger sister had this costume and thanks to my promoting you two other preschoolers now have it as well as my 7 year old daughter. Two other families have chosen similar costumes, but I prefer yours as they are easy to put on and do yourself. Not so with Muddy Buddy. My daughter will only wear it on walks with our family as she keeps up with fashion when she goes hiking with the older group in our Maker Space/Forest School homeschool group. You seem to be dressing quite unprepared. I guess she doesn't want to fit in with the preschoolers she likes to help. Industrial fair. But I've seen them in action with these kids in the worst winter weather my freshman year (2 1/2 hours regardless of the weather). Snow, rain or wind, my Forest School students dressed in Oakiwear no doubt felt a lot more comfortable than their friends. I encourage others to buy Oakiwear. If Oakiwear wanted to send a few extra trail suits to our school for other kids to try on, or kids who can't afford proper warmth gear, I think we could supply Oakiwear with a steady stream of orders over the years . Years. ! Родители оооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооЗОооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооо за за за за задумчивостью за замечательные прохожие). Think of future parents! Great ad right?

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