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Review on CeraVe Salicylic Cleanser Exfoliating Fragrance by Bruce Saywon

Sulfate-free gel with ceramides and hyaluronic acid for comfortable use

Good day, my dear readers and visitors of the Reviews page! Oh, how our skin asks for care and love so that we never forget about it and don’t fall down in the evening when we come home dead, but still observe the ritual before going to bed, which consists in skin care, which always starts with cleansing it. I would like to present you my cleansing gel for normal to oily skin from the Cerave brand. A huge bottle, it is simply oh endless, it contains 473 milliliters of gel. Yet this Mark likes to stand out, neither here nor there... Not 500 milliliters, nor 450 milliliters. And here is 473 milliliters. I can even imagine how marketers and dermatocosmetologists calculated the volume needed for washing, for one, for two, and so on. I think it's an exciting process. But now I'm talking about the gel, how convenient it is for them to wash. There is another volume for sale, it is 236 milliliters, but since we have more than one girl in our house, we chose a more economical option in the end. It is better to buy more expensive, but with a large amount of gel, which in the end turns out to be cheaper. Perfectly cleanses, while not damaging it (the skin). pH 5.7 Suitable for face and body, décolleté, neck, it is very convenient for them to take care of the skin. There is a dispenser, powerful, high-quality. And the bottle itself is made of good plastic, not transparent, the contents are not visible. On the side of each side of this jar there are inscriptions - there are two of them - Cerave brands. There are inscriptions on the dispenser, blocking it, which is very convenient when transporting it. Throw it with you to the dacha or to a sports club, a little volume is large for this, we don’t take it anywhere, it’s stationary at home with us. And it's not a make-up remover, it's a gel for washing, cleansing the skin. It is very convenient for them to break out in the morning. It foams well and then it is necessary to wash it off with water, this is not a product without water. It contains ceramides (proteins that we need so much) and hyaluronic acid. This means that the skin will not be subject to overdrying, flaking and peeling, which is so often the case, one of the most striking symptoms of skin irritation. Fragrance-free Contains no sulfates The manufacturer says that the remedy is non-allergenic. The Cerave brand is the leading brand in New York, dermatocosmetics came to our market not so long ago, under the order of the L'Oréal brand. And production is concentrated in France. Just keep in mind that this is a sulfate-free gel and needs to be washed off with water. I recommend with pleasure. To remove mascara, blush, lipstick - it will not work, that is, it will not cope, this is a soft gentle remedy. And the code with it will be comfortable. And plus, the ratio of price and ka, the grid, along with its volume, will be excellent. I recommend. Thank you very much for your attention to my feedback.

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  • Sulfate-free soothing gel.
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