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Review on BenQ EX3203R Monitor FreeSync DisplayHDR 31.5", 2560X1440P, Curved, HDMI by Mike Hare

Backlight bleeding looks like shit.

This monitor literally cost over $700 when it first went and now it costs about $500 and that's still Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa What I mean is that when the game uses the entire screen the backlight bleed just fades out will, but it's still there. You can't tell for sure if a large gray or black area doesn't fill the edges of the screen or the entire screen. This is MAINLY suitable for gaming (not exactly because Doom Eternal has a lot of dark levels where bleeding is obvious). But if you're planning on watching a movie or show about this thing, you can forget about it. I was trying to see Picard on this monitor and it's widescreen so there are black bars above and below the picture. FILLED with backlit spotlights like Commissioner Gordon signaling Batman in every corner of the TV. It's ridiculous, no device should look so cheap in this price range. How is it possible that my $150 32 inch 1080p LCD TV from 5 years ago is better for watching movies than this brand new monitor from 2019?! How can BenQ ever leave these things out of the factory like this? That's ridiculous. Mention that HDR is literally non-existent on this thing. If you switch from standard mode to HDR mode in the monitor menu, all colors are washed out and the contrast only increases sharply where the highlights and darkest areas are exaggerated and all shadow nuances are destroyed, so always stay in standard mode. They also don't tell you that you can't even use all the features at the same time. Yes, it's 144Hz, "HDR", FreeSync2 support, but not all at the same time! If you want to enable FreeSync2 or Freesync "Premium" (why it's called Premium is just confusing) you'll get 120Hz max. So better use only Freesync 1 or even Vsync at 144Hz. This is a scam and a plagiarism , if it weren't for the backlight and false advertising, this would be a reliable monitor. It also seems to bother a lot of people that there's no Vesa mount on the back, which isn't convincing, but I don't use one, so anyway. To be honest I had to go for the Samsung C32HG70 and wish I could just return this and get this but it's too much hassle and money to ship and return and all that crap.

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Pros & cons

  • 144 Hertz
  • Image retention: If an image is on the screen for too long, the image may remain on the screen permanently.

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