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Review on BenQ EX3203R Monitor FreeSync DisplayHDR 31.5", 2560X1440P, Curved, HDMI by Tom Gourgues

Great monitor, but not for competitive FPS gaming

First off, I knew exactly what I was buying when I bought this monitor on Thanksgiving Day 2019. I needed a monitor with phenomenal colors, improved performance, and decent gaming performance. IPS monitors are all the rage, but I just can't get over "IPS Glow". This monitor does not disappoint. I used my color calibration cleaner (Spyder 4 Pro) and after calibration this monitor looks even better. At 100% sRGB, colors are great and a high contrast ratio makes this monitor look even better. I have a 1080ti graphics card, so I had to set the native resolution to the '98' refresh rate to get rid of the screen flicker. As long as you do this, turn gsync on, and your game is running at over 40 fps, you won't have screen flicker. However, running Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Ultra settings caused the frame rate to drop below 40, resulting in screen flickering. Tweaking the graphics settings slightly improved performance, which in turn eliminated screen flickering. My second monitor is a Dell S2716DGR 1440p 144Hz TN panel. When I play the latest Call of Duty game on BenQ, I can immediately tell the difference between these fast gaming monitors. BenQ seems slow and a bit washed out. Even with AMA in Premium mode, there is very little ghosting. I only notice this in Call of Duty so I'll keep playing it on my Dell monitor. other single player games like Odyssey look fantastic on this display. The BenQ's HDR is good, even if it's not "true" HDR. It makes games more realistic and HDR YouTube videos look especially great. I still have to test 4k HDR Bluray. I seem to have received a very good VA panel with no apparent flaws. I can see a bit of the edges of the dark side that people are talking about, but I can't tell if I'm actually seeing it or if it's just my imagination. Anyway, it's not a problem for me. In conclusion, if you are a fan of first person shooters. This monitor is not for you. We're sorry. Everyone else will be very happy.

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Pros & cons

  • ‎240 volts
  • Bad viewing angles

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