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Review on Computer chair Everprof Lotus S4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/grey by Ada Banas ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

You should still try the chairs on before buying, in my opinion. After carefully considering my options on the Internet, I finally decided on this one after visiting a store's showroom and sitting on a few dozen various chairs. Although they are brief, the instructions are there. The assembly is straightforward: we sculpt the wheels, place the gas lift inside the crosspiece, attach the topgun to the bottom, the backrest attachment mechanism to it, then the armrests, and then place everything on the gas lift. The decorative plastic is the finishing touch. (Repeat after the moron and remember to tighten the bolts before installing the lining.) There are two Ikeev chairs at home: the millberget and the markus. The lotus is far more comfortable.

  • + Material. Although the cats are used to the scratching post, my two leatherette chairs have been covered in a cloth for a year. They simply run back and forth, hurting themselves. + Separately adjusting the backrest from the seat. + Landing perfectly, plainly, straightly, on the buttocks rather than the coccyx, like in a car. + The chair is sturdy. To me, it's positive that someone will feel uncomfortable. I enjoy normal' pillows. The availability of such a choice is only advantageous since it is convenient both with and without them, as you like. After several hours of sitting (I work largely at a computer), my lower back pain subsided. It didn't seem to squeak for a week.
  • - The side supports on the seat feel a little tight, but my hips are wide and I'm just 176/86. It doesn't press if you maintain your legs straight. However, I wouldn't suggest that a larger person take a random online purchase based on reviews. - One criticism is that the armrests might use more length, width, and adjustability options when used with a gamepad. - Swaying and backlash are frequent for topguns, but they're usually not perceptible. - When assembly, I had to use a few washers from my own supply; eight complete washers are required for fastening in oval holes, but previous experience led me to believe that there may be other fastening locations that require the use of washers.

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