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Review on Grain-Free Tuna Recipe INABA Churu Fun Bites For Cats - Soft/Chewy Baked Chicken Wrapped Treats, 18 Packs (3 Per Bag) by Heather Warren

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Be careful, they will mold

Updated We've been saving these in a Ziploc because there's too many for our cats in one packet. And when I pulled out the baggie, after about 5 days, they were moldy! So, I actually count this as a positive. They have something fresh enough in them, without preservatives, that they CAN mold. But at the same time, watch the video. There's a larvae in the bag! Something hatched from the treats 🀒. I cannot prove this. Hence I didn't take stars all the way off. Maybe the larvae got there another way (I don't know how). We had a very mild fruit fly infestation. Maybe one flew in when the treats were opened and left on the counter before bagging them? It's a stretch. But it's a possibility. Needless to say, I won't buy more.Original I have two cats. One that LOVES treats of almost every kind and will climb into the pantry to steal them. And one who has a poor sense of smell thanks to chronic sinus issues, so she's not usually a big eater in general.The treat lover was not impressed by these. See the video. When I squeezed one open for him to see the "goo" inside, he was interested and ate half the ones I offered. But he doesn't go crazy for these.What's ironic, is that my light eater went NUTS for these before they were even opened! I have to imagine she could smell them through the package?!? She has a poor sense of smell usually. She's never been one to rip open a bag, ever. I don't think she could rip these open, but if I left them out, I think she might have tried. However, once she saw what was inside, she lost interest rather quickly. She did eat half of the ones I offered her, and left the other half behind.These aren't crispy or hard. They're easy to smash between your fingers, but the cats can't chew them as easily. Each can mouthed a treat a few times, then dropped it. Then mouthed it, and dropped it. Until it was mashed enough to eat.They do have a VERY strong tuna odor. And they're much smaller than I expected (which is good!). Based on listing photos, I was imagine Combos snacks for cats. that's too big. These a baby combos. There's 3 bags in each package, and each baggie has enough for a couple servings of treats. There's no way to close a baggie once open, so either let cats consume them all or store in a ziploc baggie. My cats weren't interested in a whole bag - or even sharing one whole bag in one sitting.Overall, they're enjoyed. But they aren't a favorite among our cats. For reference, the absolute, hands down favorite in my house, is the Temptations Kitten Salmon & Dairy flavor (even though our cats are 8 & "old man" (we don't know exactly how old "old man" is but we've had him 5 years).

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  • Low in calories, making them a great supplement to your cat's diet
  • Baked chicken may not be as fresh as freshly cooked chicken