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Review on Game console Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 825 GB SSD, white by Mateusz Szlassa ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

I decided not to wait for any next revisions, no PS5 Pro, but I went and bought a PS5 despite the fact that there is nothing to play yet. And rejoiced. I want to say that Astro's Playroom alone gives you crazy emotions thanks to DualSense. The feel of every surface, the feel of the rain, the resistance of the triggers - this has been talked about a lot. In addition, you are just happy for the industry, for holding a next-gen in your hands and that you live in a time when this is possible. Then I launched Valhalla - the graphics are many times better than on the PS4 Pro - comparisons on YouTube do not convey these improvements. The soap is gone, the drawing distance has increased, the clarity has increased. Graphics on the head has become better. Plus, adaptive triggers are supported in Valhalla, the very tension of the bowstring) Also played in Jedi Fallen Order. Again, there is a striking difference between PS4 Pro and PS5 - there is no soap, the clarity of textures (walls, stones) is simply enchanting. Although the new Horizon and God of War will be released on PS4, these games will still look MUCH better on PS5, and combined with DualSense features, this will give a new experience. If you haven’t had a PS4 yet, then to go through the exclusives, you should take the PS5, since the graphics will be many times better (for games that have received PS5 support), especially all this will be revealed in a compartment with a 4K TV. If you already have a PS4, then considering its sale, switching to PS5 will not be so expensive (if you buy PS5 at the official price of course). How to get at the office. price, at the moment aliexpress and aliexpress periodically opens forms to order. These forms appear suddenly and exist for no more than 10-30 minutes, then they close. In order to find out about the opening of the form at the time, there is a w3bsit3-dns. Com forum (topic Sony PlayStation 5 - Purchase), as well as a telegram group "PS / Xbox Status news", where you will receive a notification when the form opens again. There is also a paid subscription 1C Interest, where you can be sent an offer to buy a PS5 (not guaranteed). You can also turn in your PS4 (Certify) to the 1C-Interest trade-in and stand in line.

Updated 11 months ago
Rating has not been changed

I decided to add some photos to give a more complete picture of my experience.


  • - Appearance, in my opinion, enchanting. Graceful, grandiose, bombastic, unforgettable, delightful, magnificent. Enough epithets? ) My apartment is ready for this design. -quiet -small (I’ll go against everyone. It’s not big. Well, yes, more PS4 Pro. But the ATX system unit is many times larger than this console). So it has a normal size, but a large radiator allows for efficient cooling with a low fan speed, which allows the console to be silent even in heavy games. She is white, not grey.
  • The DualSense battery doesn't last long. Maybe not enough for 8 hours of play. With the DualShock v4, you could play until your head exploded and your eyes popped out, but it would still work. DualSense will still have to be interrupted if you play for a really long time. -price of PSN digital games (5k gaming)

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