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Review on Game console Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim 500 GB HDD, black by Stanislaw Grzechnik ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Quality of the product is at the level, I will recommend this product

Certainly the performance, graphics and quality are amazing, especially when you play on a large TV with a wireless joystick with vibration - well, just a total immersion in the 3D atmosphere. Additional accessories turn the set-top box into an entertainment center - children will not get enough of it. Now for the sad part: If you are a hardened PC gamer and suddenly decide to switch to a console, then you will face difficulties in controlling action and RPG games. After the keyboard and mouse, this is very unusual and inconvenient. I don't want to offend PS3 fans in any way, but my personal favorites are Fallout3, Skyrim, Doom 3. Etc. games have turned into serious tests, fingers are used to a different layout! Secondly, the cost of licensed products is high, be prepared for a child to lay out for a new toy from 2022. If you are an adult, like me, who buys a game once every 2 months (after all, there is little free time - family, work, and other worries), then this will be prohibitively small for your child. Thirdly, mostly new games on the console come without 2022 localization, so if the level of knowledge of a foreign language is zero, there will be less pleasure to play. In conclusion, I want to note that PS3 is not worth buying for families with a limited budget, you will have to pay for the pleasure, because the same cost of PC games (for example, Skyrim) will cost 500, but a game on PS3 - from 2022.

  • great design compactness performance blu-ray drive large amount of memory (500 gb) good equipment (if it is a gift set)
  • High price for licensed products. After the purchase, you are faced with the fact that you still need to buy additional accessories. Not a very successful design (embossed top panel) in the sense that it takes a long time to clean from dust. The set-top box needs more space - to remove heat (you can’t put it in a table niche, like a regular DVD player, for example), otherwise it will overheat and make noise