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Review on Hiboy Hoverboard Balancing Accessory: Enhance Your Ride with the Perfect Attachment by Ray Gist

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Nice frame and lots of fun

This hoverboard frame is sooooo great. When I got my hoverboard I was so scared to get on it and I rode it very, very carefully. I was so nervous playing with him and had pain in my legs after the game. So most of the time I just put it aside. But now I've found this to turn my hoverboard into a kart! I am so excited and will accept it as soon as it arrives. Finally I don't have to stand on it. My hoverboard has an 8 inch wheel and this stand fits very well on it. If I have to comment on its shortcomings, I will say that the seat is not enough for me. Maybe I'm too big. Overall I am very happy with the shelf. But you have to be a cafe full, you have to learn to control it and try not to drive very fast. My hoverboard has a lot of power and if I push it too hard it goes very, very fast. I still find it a bit dangerous. So I have to set a speed limit. Be careful and enjoy!

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  • I don't like anything about it, everything is fine