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Review on Apple IPhone 7 by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Good phone with a good price tag, but there are some flaws

My experience of using this device is two and a half years. After that, I updated my phone to the iPhone 11, a review of which you can read here.

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This model was not the first of APple products for me - before that I used iPhone 4. Therefore, I can easily compare this model with both old and new technologies from the manufacturers of these smartphones.


After my transition from version 4 to version 7, the sensations were just crazy. Firstly, the display was much larger and nicer to look at, the quality of images and videos has increased many times over. Using the sensor has become more pleasant, tactile sensations have also become better.

The sound became clearer, louder and more voluminous. Watching movies and TV shows has become much more enjoyable (I watched all the seasons of Breaking Bad).

Because I like to play mobile games, then an important parameter (for me personally) is the performance of the device in games. Of course, graphically heavy objects during the game could consume a lot of battery and even sometimes freeze the phone, but still, the iPhone coped with most tasks perfectly.

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Surprisingly, but I would like to highlight a convenient button, the ability to work with different pressing forces, which made the functionality of the phone much higher and more convenient.

For reading or browsing social networks, the phone fits 10 out of 10. Many new features (compared to the iPhone 4) caused me a number of positive emotions that I still remember.

Weak sides

Of course, this problem is present on many devices (and not only those made by Apple), but it was the most annoying for me. This is battery consumption. For the first half a year of use, there were no problems, but after that the phone began to discharge in 3-4 hours of actively watching videos or games.

I was forced to replace the battery in the smartphone twice during its lifetime (for comparison, the new iPhone 11 model has not had this problem for a year).

But I can say one thing for sure - this model can be very easily broken if the impact is not on the screen itself, but on the end of the phone.

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In general, as with any device, you can always find both positive and negative sides, but I can give a good assessment, because. The received quality for a relatively small price is not as common as we would like. If you decide to purchase this model, then it is better to look towards the new versions of the flagships from Apple.

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The other day my friend bought this phone model and told me that the equipment has changed, regarding the start of sales. I tried to use his phone, noticed that it loads a little slower than my old one. They couldn’t understand what it was connected with, perhaps the new models were already made with less quality. So be careful when choosing this model of iPhone.

Pros & cons

  • Quality
  • Price
  • the screen is easy to break