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Review on Sonic Electric Toothbrush Adults Rechargeable by Mario Panda

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Electric Toothbrush Useful thing, cleans well: my truth review

Received the brush as a birthday present. I was skeptical about electric brushes, because I remember electric brushes from the early 2000s, they were just a "toy", they cleaned, frankly, badly. But the modern ultrasonic brush pleased, the effect really is. Of course, a full cleaning at the dentist will not replace, but it will significantly improve oral care. Now I will list the pros and cons, I attached a link to a short video. So the pros: + In almost a month of use, I have never charged + A large number of different modes + Efficiency, well removes plaque and darkening on the teeth from coffee. There is a powerful mode of 42,000 vibrations per minute. + Does not injure the gums. For me, this is a big +, since it is difficult for me to choose a regular brush. + 3 extra attachments is a good stock :) + The connector for the charging cable is located at the bottom and is closed with a rubber cap. Water does not get under it and it also makes the brush stable. + Nice sleek design. When a thing pleases the eye with its appearance - it's always nice) Minuses: - No normal instructions! This, of course, may be my personal quirk, but I need clear instructions for any device in the language I speak. That is, in Russian. Such that it was written about all the modes, etc. The phrase - "Yes, why are there instructions, and everything is also clear" - that's just infuriating. In short, I found an explanation of the modes on the Internet with grief in half, I attach a photo. There are still people out there who are just like me :) - No block from the charger. It's not that it's a negative, it's just a fact) In general, if you do not look at a small underset, it turns out to be a very decent brush, I'm just happy to own it). And taking into account the price (well, yes, this is a gift, but how could you not see the price while looking for instructions?), it turns out to be a very profitable purchase. Yes, and with 3 nozzles. You can't really worry about a year. I recommend to buy.

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  • Many nozzles, cleans well, does not injure
  • No charging unit, no normal instructions