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Review on LG 32UL750-W 32-Inch 4K Monitor Display - Silver, 3840x2160P, High Dynamic Range, Anti-Glare Screen by Ricky Sanders

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I love LG monitors and this one is excellent

I think investing in a good monitor is one of the best investments you can make when using computers. Yes, there is a new processor/graphics card every year, but a good monitor can last for generations. I use this LG 32 inch monitor with both Macs and Windows PCs and it works flawlessly. I overclock the monitor to 4k in all configurations. For me, 4k is a problem on smaller monitors as the font gets too small (too old I think). I find the writing crisp and easy to read. On Windows you can set the text size in applications - I typically use 150%. This means that Windows will "increase" the size of the app to make it look bigger. It works out. Good for me I know some Mac guys who don't think the type is ideal as the dot density isn't the same as a 13 inch laptop for example. I don't notice a difference, but some Mac fans prefer a 27" 4k monitor. If that's what you care about, give that a try first. I've bought several of these for my shop and they all worked with no hiccups or errors. The downside is that the reliability seems high. Installation is easy out of the box. You need to assemble the stand, which requires two screws. The stand snaps onto the monitor. Install it vertically and you're ready to go in front of the monitor. If you use the keyboard If you want to slide it back under the monitor, you have to place the keyboard on the curved stand (about 3/4" tall). It's not a problem for me. The monitor is adjustable both in height and in tilt fore and aft .towards the front, the bottom comes out or moves back a little to adjust the viewing angle.The viewing angle is not critical, so you can tilt your head easily d move or move up and down (meaning the monitor's viewing angle is very forgiving). Use the USB-C connection for a Mac laptop and my Lenovo X1 laptop. USB C charges laptops when plugged in. I haven't connected two monitors together via Thunderbolt, so I don't know how it works. Make sure you use a USB cable that is also a power cable - not all. I also hooked up a displayport connector to my desktop and it works great. All in all, this is a great monitor. Expensive, yes, but it just works.

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  • I don't use it for gaming, I use it for 3D modeling work.
  • not up to par. Too heavy to install

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