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Review on Dell UltraSharp Adjustable Monitor Infinity 23.8", ‎U2422H, IPS by Ron Levendusky

I really wanted to like it.

I've used a Dell UltraSharp U2414H for the past five years and it's worked great. Plug it into my Apple MBP (only 15" 2015 and now 16" late 2019) and you were done. Out of the box or with a slight brightness adjustment, it practically matched my Apple displays in color, brightness, and - even at 1080p - *almost* in resolution, whether running on macOS or Windows via Parallels. Now I have to pass on to others what the U2414H is, so I figured it would be best to upgrade to the newer Dell UltraSharp U2422H with near-identical specs. It wasn't like that. Getting the colors almost but never quite was an arduous task, and the display's red color faded after it warmed up. It was impossible to make white white (see photo). Additionally, there was poor text resolution and clarity, whether in Mac or Windows documents; uneven edges of the curved parts of letters in each font. There are only two input types, so I tried both to see if one made a noticeable improvement over the other. Since I don't need a serial connection (which supports DisplayPort), I started with a USB-C to HDMI connection. Unhappy with the visual results, I bought a USB-C to DP cable (which would be nice since I don't need audio that supports HDMI). Unfortunately, the results were indistinguishable BENEFITS: • Fast delivery via Prime • Easy assembly and setup out of the box • Easy to use and conveniently placed on/off switch • Intuitive joystick for setup • Tilt function and especially the 90 degree swivel function . CONS: • In the factory setting, the image color was a rich blue-green. You might think it has to do with ComfortView Plus, the always-on built-in low blue light filter that reduces harmful blue light and should be good for me, but it was too rich to be such a filter. The color to somehow match the MBP took forever. Once it gets there, it drifts from powered on to fully warmed up (which was odd; I've never seen this kind of color drift on an LCD panel - and I've used all sorts of panels and many CRTs since 1984). • White result failed. Closer to white. White color could not be obtained. • No matter what version of white I got, I couldn't get enough brightness. CONCLUSION: It could have been a defective device. It may be a different panel than the U2414H panel. I really wanted to like this monitor, but I can't recommend it. I rarely return anything to Revane, and I had to think long and hard before returning it. However, since I'll watch it any day, I felt I had no choice and am grateful for Revain's generous return policy. Yes I have bought another monitor (from Revain) and will probably check it out once I have it. tomorrow (and I very much doubt I'll get it back!).

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