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Review on Etekcity Bathroom Weighing Bluetooth Electronic by Brian Bloomfield

Cool toy, but there are doubts about the authenticity!

The world is changing rapidly: electronic money, smartphones, smart homes, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart TVs and, finally, smart scales. The principle of their action is that a light discharge of current is passed through the body, which is reflected in different ways from bones, water and fat. Those who go to the gym with such weights, I think, are already familiar. It is imperative to weigh yourself barefoot for the above reasons. I ordered these scales for my mother, but I could not resist and also play this toy. Ordered on Ozone, after deducted points "Thank you" their cost dropped to 1400 rubles. The total cost is about 2300 rubles. The scales are small and light. This is what it looks like without the box. The legs must be set correctly, otherwise all the readings are down the drain). Both on the box itself and on the back of the scales there is a QR code that allows the application on the smartphone to connect with the scales. In addition to the scales themselves, only instructions are in the package. The scales run on batteries that are included. First of all, you need to install the application. Since without it, the scales show only kilograms. All other information you can see only in the application. After the application is installed, you need to add all users there, as well as their gender, height, age. After that, you need to turn on the scales with a light touch and connect to the scales via bluetooth. When everything is ready, take the phone, enter under your nickname and press weigh. Then step on the scales. A few seconds and all the information in your smartphone. I hope the moderators don't delete the screenshots of the phone. In the application, you will have a bunch of indicators up to metabolic age. Dynamics will also be visible. I doubt that these data can be trusted, but the weight is shown correctly. Slightly obese, or maybe already not easy to eat. I was a little upset by the metabolic age)) But what is, is. To be honest, for me it's just a toy. But mom loves it. Is it worth buying something like this? Why not. The price is reasonable, it can be used both as a regular scale and as a smart one.

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Pros & cons

  • Cute, there is an application for data analysis, not a very high price
  • I'm not sure the analysis data is correct

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