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Review on Etekcity Bathroom Weighing Bluetooth Electronic by Shantel Griffin

Etekcity Bathroom Great gadget, I'm happy: my truthful feedback

For some time I got "smart" scales Picooc mini. I ordered on the Ozon website, partially paid with points. I chose the option in white (these scales are also available in black): I really liked the appearance - the scales are made of tempered glass, the design is simple and concise. Since the scales are thin (the thickness of the scales is 2 cm) and rather fragile, they were packed in foam rubber inside. On the reverse side of the scales there is a sticker with manufacturer data, parameters, barcodes and QR codes. There is also a battery compartment and a reset button (if the aces were transferred from one place to another, they will need to be rebooted and calibrated). Information on the sticker: Branded finger-type batteries were included in the kit: The legs are small, rubberized, which eliminates the possibility of sliding on the surface. The scales were also accompanied by instructions for use in several languages, including Russian: I don’t see the point in re-photographing the instructions, I only give a spread of the main part. There is absolutely no difficulty in using the scales, it is enough to read it once and, according to the step-by-step description, download the application with which they begin to function exactly as a "smart scale". Since this model is called Mini, the scales are really small, but with my 37 foot size, they fit even more than. By the way, the scales should be used only on a flat and hard surface (if the floor or coating is uneven, the scales will not work), you can only weigh yourself on these scales with bare feet: The weighing range is from 8 to 150 kg, regarding the weighing of children, the instructions indicate that the result will be distorted and for children it is recommended to use it in the normal scale mode. The display is touch, LED. The numbers are large and bright, the result is perfectly visible even in the dark. Now the most interesting thing is how they work in "smart" mode. There is also nothing complicated here, after downloading the necessary application to the smartphone, the scales are synchronized with the application and configured properly. To do this, you will need to enter your data (height, weight, etc.) and take some measurements. Next, you stand on the scales, the smartphone communicates with the scales via bluetooth, the measurement takes place for a few seconds and the result is displayed. For example, I will show my measurement indicators and my husband’s indicators. ! A big request to the moderators do not delete the photo of the phone with the data! In the application, I keep a log of measurements for myself to compare the results, my weight can range from 51 to 53 kg, at the time of measurement it was 52.4 kg. My indicators are all normal, the application gave me a body rating of 10 out of 10 - I was not particularly surprised, since the diagnostics at the sports club had the same information (the results also coincided in other parameters). The application will show BMI and even metabolic age - he learned a little less from me than he actually did. The application is convenient for a simple layman who is not familiar with medical terms, gives an explanation of all the parameters mentioned above in the measurement report, and determines the place of your result on the scale. Here, for example, in my example explained in detail that there is an index of visceral fat and my value on the scale. In my case, the application is not very indicative, since according to all the criteria I have a variant of the norm. For comparison, I enclose the parameters of my husband. His height is 185 cm, weight - 81.6, his physique is asthenic, quite slender for his age. In our family, no one is overweight, as it is customary to eat right (without extremes) and lead an active lifestyle. However, there is a deviation from the norm in the results of the husband (numbers are in red). The visceral fat index is 9, which qualifies as "alarming” on a scale, although this is the lower limit, nevertheless, there is reason to think. What can I say, I am very pleased with the use of "smart" scales, I use it with pleasure. But my husband was dissatisfied with his result and treated him with prejudice (and the scales too :-), although he sometimes weighs himself. However, personally, I have no reason not to trust the results, since the diagnostics in the sports club showed the same parameters, plus or minus. Now daily morning weighing and analysis of indicators have become a habit, I am very glad that I once listened to the advice and purchased these scales. I recommend it to those who follow the weight, PP, healthy lifestyle, etc., etc.

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