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Review on 4 Pack SnapPower GuideLight 2 Outlet Night Light - Automatic On/Off Sensor [Standard Decor, Not GFCI] - Wall Plate LED Lights (Light Almond) by Juan Grayson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Little expensive for my opinion

This is genious and I fell in love with it when I first saw it. Ever since my son was born (he's almost 3 years old) I have been looking for a perfect night light. I originally wanted a nightlight that had a wire instead of being directly on the outlet. My son is more likely to pull those ones out of the outlet.I've been searching and I've never quite found the right one. I've been through battery powered ones, expensive ones and ones that changed colors they just didn't work. (Too bright, too dark, too attractive etc.) I hope I don't sound insane it just blew my mind I couldn't find something that worked for us.This is perfect. It's easy to install and I couldn't believe that you don't need to mess with wiring or change batteries. I also can't believe I didn't find this searching for night lights! I found this searching for safety covers on outlets. My son doesn't mess with it cause there's nothing to mess with.I do think it's a bit on the expensive side and I can't believe you don't save any money when buying in multiples. I want one of these in each room of the house but because of the cost that just isn't gonna happen. The "as seen on TV" one is super cheap but sketchy.I tried putting this in all different rooms to see what room I'd buy another one for and it was interesting. In some rooms, the light stayed constantly on even during the day with the shades open. And this wasn't affected by whether the sun was directly on the window. It was just strange. There's a fine line between it being bright enough and too dark. Some rooms were very well lit but the light just stayed on. But in our bathroom which has no windows, the light turns off when the overhead light is on. It turns out that in my son's room the light is constantly on even with all the lights on. And I didn't notice a dimming effect on the light. It was either really bright or off.Anyways this has been a lifesaver. My son used to wake up panicked in his room and I think it was because of the dark. Now he doesn't wake up crying and he's actually enjoying sleeping in his room. We never thought that would happen.If the price ever goes down I will be buying more, it's just an amazing idea. I think a fair price would be 10$. Also, this really needs to be in the "nightlight" section of Revain way more than "baby proofing".Hope my review was helpful to you!

img 1 attached to 4 Pack SnapPower GuideLight 2 Outlet Night Light - Automatic On/Off Sensor [Standard Decor, Not GFCI] - Wall Plate LED Lights (Light Almond) review by Juan Grayson

  • ‎9.29 x 4.49 x 2.48 inches
  • Requires an existing outlet to work

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