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Review on Pack of Transparent Acrylic Plexiglas Sheets by Chris Chincuanco

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Plexiglas is also suitable as a window pane.

I bought 6 of these plexiglass sheets to make a window for the screen door I made. I made a screen door for the back door of my RV so my dogs can get in and out through the dog door. I made a big hole over the dog door which I closed. However, with the cold weather approaching, I wanted to make an upstairs window to keep the cold out. I wanted 1/4" plexiglass to keep the cold out. These plexiglass sheets were perfect for my project. I had to cut the sheets to a size 2 (middle of the window) and was able to easily cut them with a miter saw. They came out clean cut and then i reassembled the window.I didn't want glass because my husband is the kind of man who usually slams doors and I didn't want glass to break at all.The plexiglass is transparent and I can bring it with me if needed wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.They arrived quickly wrapped in strong bubble wrap and the plexiglass was protected by sticky brown paper which kept them scratch resistant on both sides and peeled clean with no sticky residue.We've already had a few chilly days with us the ever-present Texan wind, and a screen door with a new Plexiglas window held the rear laundry room where the door was nice and is comfortable, not cold at all.

  • Easy to cut with a circular saw, band saw, saber saw or jigsaw. You can use hand, pin and round milling machines.
  • Out of fashion