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Review on Attraction Suite by Jonathan Abreu

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easy-ish use with lots of room and capability

It's great for tracking multiple groups, having customer names along side their addresses makes it easy when you do need to contact someone about something! There are better solutions out there if what your looking for has an easier interface or maybe a simpler way to create new accounts / users etc.. If budget allows get two different systems so they can be compared (in order) but this was not available at all in our country. You'll probably have some issues using it without being knowledgeable from day one - best thing I could say was we were able to learn faster than other staff who had been doing booking before us. We solved problems like how to find information quickly within tickets & customers/users account pages. The main benefit would've ben more time spent creating content rather then typing up ticket info as sometimes we needed to go back & change things later after printing off tickets due to errors such as wrong date format etc... I like how easy it was for us as consumers, because we're not tech savy at all! The customer support team has been very helpful in answering questions or helping me troubleshoot when something happens during our trips - they are always quick to respond. It's great too have everything online so you can check things out anytime from home without having to go into your office every day (which would be impossible if there were an issue). We've only had good experiences here; nothing bad yet anyway haha :).

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  • Customer service is excellent
  • Very well designed system that works seamlessly with mobile phones
  • All fine