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Review on Jacquard Dye Na Flow Liquid Color Ounces Black by Michelle Langley

Light transparent color of the fabric, acts like a dye

This material mimics dye very well ---- it's very fluid and watery and spreads/absorbs very easily , so you don't have to worry about brush strokes when you're covering a large area. I misted the fabric with water mist before applying Dye-Na-Flow, thinking it would help with even coverage, but it actually made the process more difficult because the water caused the Dye-Na-Flow to flow. started soaking up in areas I didn't need to go leading to crazy wetness and Q-tip! I used it on a fabric covered bauble someone gave me. The brocade was beautiful, but I hated its disgusting olive and orange colors (shudder). I have no idea why I waited so long to change it, but I was willing to spend less than $5 and less than 2 hours of my time or it would be more trouble than it was worth. After researching different types of fabric dyes, I settled on Dye-Na-Flow because of the transparency that would show the pattern of the brocade better. I'm not an expert on color theory, so I just looked at this and figured that by adding "azure blue" to olive green I would get something from the turquoise family. And that's how it came out - a deep, dark turquoise (photos below for reference). In hindsight, I could have gotten nicer results using a shade closer to blue than cobalt, but who cares. I used a foam brush and a regular flat brush - both gave equally excellent results. This material magically spreads evenly no matter how you apply it. Remember that it is so watery that it will instantly soak the fabric. I messed up the orange inside of the Schnickschnack Saucer when the Dye-Na-Flow soaked through the stitching, but I planned to paint it over anyway. (I used Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Fabric Paint, a few thin coats were opaque enough to cover the Dye-Na-Flow bleed). or throw it in the dryer. But I found it quite durable for my purposes as the dishes never come into contact with water. I REALLY got a drop of Dye-Na-Flow down my pants and immediately regretted it. It was very difficult to wash off and still has a vague blue ghost that seems to be permanent no matter how much I scrub. Now I understand why people wear faux coats. If you're looking for something that acts like ink or dye, this is the best there can be. It doesn't stiffen the fabric - the only time my fingers could tell a difference was when I soaked a thin piece of cotton gauze. Everything else remained flexible. I'm tempted to use the leftover tin for the faded blue dining room chairs. I don't like them enough to reupholster them and I don't have the space to try anything like SIMply Spray fabric spray paint, so Dye-Na-Flow seems like a pretty good option. I also have some boring white patterned cushions laying around - now that I know how easy it is to dye fabric I can paint just about anything.

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