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Review on Upgrade Your Audio Experience with Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus: True Wireless Earbuds with Improved Battery and Call Quality in White, including Wireless Charging Case and Velvet Pouch. by Agata Zimka Semeniuk ᠌

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The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

Overall impressions of a very high-quality and branded product, very positive, but not without a bit of minuses (which I hope will be fixed with the next software ate). At first I didn’t plan to purchase them, although I really wanted them after the announcement, the case helped - problems began with my JBL TWS120 (the left earpiece stopped charging and the case did not hold a charge, changed it to Buds + under warranty). I was worried that the sound in Buds + would be worse (in TWS120 it is quite good) - in vain, it turned out to be even more interesting, not to mention the high quality of performance, modern charging interface and wireless charging, as well as integration into the Samsung ecosystem. Before buying, I heard that the sound in Buds + is supposedly worse than in regular Buds and I can’t compare, because. I didn’t have simple ones, but I strongly doubt the veracity of the statements in favor of the simple version of Buds, because in the "+" version, the speakers have already been thoroughly redesigned, and a separate tweeter is responsible for low frequencies. Perhaps the matter lies in adapting to the mode of operation and automatic application of the codec by the headphones (there are 3 types of them in Buds +, and it is natural that Samsung would not be Samsung'om if it did not reserve the possibility of using the highest quality codec only with flagships of its own production, therefore, it is quite realistic that on devices from other manufacturers and platforms, the sound is really worse than simple Buds, although the speakers are simpler there). Again, I can’t confirm or deny - I use them with SG S10;

img 1 attached to Upgrade Your Audio Experience with Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus: True Wireless Earbuds with Improved Battery and Call Quality in White, including Wireless Charging Case and Velvet Pouch. review by Agata Zimka Semeniuk ᠌

  • 1) Sound quality (good bass - it is quite rich, though not too deep, but at the same time good mids and highs). For those who are worried that it will be worse than in the CX300 or TWS 120 - there is nothing to worry about here, the sound as a whole is much more interesting. 2) Ease of wearing (an excellent idea with silicone rib inserts that allow you to additionally fix the headphones in your ears, and at the same time do not make you feel discomfort even after many hours of listening - they do not press, do not press, do not make your ears sweat even during strength training); 3) Workmanship (despite the fact that there is a lot of gloss on the case and on the shiny touch hemispheres of the headphones themselves - they are quite scratch resistant and not so prone to smudges, they are quite easy to clean with a dry cloth and look cool and expensive. In addition, the design itself the case and headphones look solid, good metal deflectors inside the headphones deserve a separate plus); 4) Ease of use within the Samsung ecosystem (I bought headphones, opened the case, and the smartphone itself connected to them and opened the necessary application, ated the firmware and taught them how to use them - for the service +); 4) Microphone (it is convenient to talk and the interlocutor hears well).
  • 1) The quality of the connection (I tried to listen before the first firmware ate and heard a sound out of sync between the right and left headphones, after the ate the problem completely disappeared, there are also second interruptions once or twice during 3-4 hours of listening); 2) Rare glitches (once the right earpiece passed out, I couldn’t sit down - the charge was about 70%, put both in the case for a minute, disconnected from the smartphone - took it out, re-connected everything is ok, the problem didn’t let me know anymore); 3) Touch control (definitely better than mechanical, when you press the button on the headphones and push them into your ear - no, thank God they don’t have this muck, but the quality of the sensor could be better, it doesn’t perceive wet hands, touches are not always unambiguously recognized , for example, 3 touches to switch the track back sometimes only recognizes it as 2 - switching the track forward, I get used to it).

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