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Review on Sony WIC400/L Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones, Blue by Yen Hong Cam ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

! According to the last measurement, almost 25 hours passed from 100% charge to 0%. Charge ~ 4 hours. With active use, it is enough for a week. These headphones are a good option if you are tired of clinging to wired everything and constantly carrying a smartphone with you, but you don’t want to accidentally lose one of the headphones and put them on charge every day or two. They are comfortable to play sports, dance and just lie down. You put on the largest ear pads that your ears allow, and the bass improves - somehow I read it on the Internet, and, after all, it works. These headphones + high-quality audio track = magic) When talking, external sounds are amplified (cars, rubbing headphones on clothes), while the interlocutor says that he hears only my voice and nothing else, as if I were in complete silence at home. Maybe it's done on purpose. There is nothing in the manual about this. But if the interlocutor does not interfere at all, then it’s good. It will be a cool feature in the future if it can be controlled. No cover. It's one thing when you listen to music and wear them on yourself, but I had to think about simple, safe storage - I got an A5 envelope folder for them. I hope that Sony will someday come up with a case for such models.

img 1 attached to Sony WIC400/L Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones, Blue review by Yen Hong Cam ᠌
img 2 attached to Sony WIC400/L Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones, Blue review by Yen Hong Cam ᠌

  • - Battery (! from 20 h !) - Operating range (I walk around the whole apartment and cottage, while the phone is somewhere) - NFC (probably should extend the life of the power button) - Sound (the most for electronic music, if you tweak the settings, then rock will go well) - Soundproofing (people nearby often don't realize that I'm listening to music) - Speaks and shows the percentage of charge (by quickly pressing the shutdown button and in% on the smartphone screen) - Weightless (do not rub, you forget that they are on you) - Vibrating alert - Look cool)
  • - They are afraid of water (it started to rain - worries began, where to put them) - Thin wires (but I believe in the Sony guarantee) - No case (difficult to store and carry with you)

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December 20, 2022
Different pros: 1) offline work 2) build quality 3) sound on 4 5) ease of wearing on the neck Cons: As such, there is only taste, for such a price. I've been using it for a year now and it works like clockwork.
December 20, 2022
excellent value for money option
December 20, 2022
Some pros: In general, a normal sound, a long time of work: I listen to music, watch movies on long journeys (from 10 hours). Cons below: Sometimes when calling, they complain about poor audibility. The wires tan in the cold, but in general this does not really interfere.
December 20, 2022
Pros below: Normal sound Hold a charge for a long time Cons: The microphone is not about anything, no one hears. Just turned it off for calls
December 20, 2022
Some pros: Comfortable headset, the charge lasts for 20 hours. Not felt on the neck, you can even sleep in them Its cons: The microphone transmits the sound of everything around
December 20, 2022
Sound. He's gorgeous. If your smartphone (sound source) does not support AAC, you will not feel the difference with other headphones. But if it does, and you include tracks in HD quality, for example, Google Music or . Music, you will be very surprised. Here are real 8-22022 kHz.

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