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Review on Sony WIC400/L Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphones, Blue by Hanh Bach ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I recommend to buy, the product is of high quality.

I bought it because of the brand, I realized for a long time that Sony makes a good combination of price / quality, but now the line is not entirely successful, and take headphones for 8-12t. R. the toad crushed, now I will suffer.

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  • Good afternoon, nuuuuuu the third week is the most for a mature review. The battery lasts for a very long time, unlike the Sony SBH80, two days from work to work for 4 hours and somewhere in the middle of charging it shows The buttons are very well palpable, I got used to the controls quickly I love the vibro signal, in the subway and under the clothes the phone is not always audible It catches a signal very worthy, even higher than that of the Sony SBH80, the quality does not lag even if it is in your pocket or backpack, it lags near the subway and train stations, but there are jammers and a lot of radiation from antennas That's probably all!
  • SOUND! Where is the sound that was in the Sony SBH80 or my ancient wire sunhazers, What kind of garbage is this ?, and it's not about the bluetooth, just the membrane itself and the earpiece itself are shit Headphone hard and noisy! This means that when you touch the wire or it with your hand, on clothes or a hood or something, everything is transmitted to the ear, terribly infuriates, this happens for many reasons, but I think that they just scored on quality. Plastic is cheap, it feels like Chinese garbage and not Sony They already hurt! And there is a reason for this, a sharp cantin on the earpiece, look at the photo, the earpiece really sits deep in the ear and this cantle rubs against the skin, at first you don’t feel it, but you wear the headphones for 2 or 4 hours every day and everything will feel great The wire is stiff and presses on the ear due to, again, the deep fit of the earpiece Sound isolation! I don’t know how, but it’s worse than that of the Sony SBH80, I even put earplugs from the old one, but in reality it’s lower, it took a long time to rearrange and measure like a fool and it’s really lower, but not much.

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