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Review on Razer Strider Hybrid Mouse Smooth by Evgeniy Zaytsev

The best mouse pad I've ever had. Recomend for everybody

I really like to play computer games, but I began to notice that often my mouse gets caught on an old mouse pad that already looked like a rag. It was time to update it and I decided to purchase a mouse pad from Razor. For a short time of use, I began to experience unreal pleasure from my purchase.

The mouse pad does not slip on the surface of the table, the mouse does not cling, it walks smoothly, even with sudden movements: for example, when playing shooters. I believe that the mouse pad will not wear out for a long time - the quality is at the highest level.

The price tag is certainly not the smallest, but this magnificent mouse pad is definitely worth the money

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I have been using it for a year now, the coating is beginning to wear off a little. Apparently too active use of this material at the rug quickly disables it. For gamers, it is quite common to replace the pad, because. daily 12-hour movement on the surface in any case will do the trick.

If you need a rug only for office work, then I think this model will last much longer.

Pros & cons

  • quality
  • convenience
  • big price