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Review on Premium Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Collection by Joy Anderson

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Not impressive - not even a box. A perfect example of LAZY engineering.

What is this? This is an acrylic cube with another acrylic cube inside. Problem 1: Friction. And technical laziness. I thought it would be like jewelry acrylic boxes where there is a track that the box goes in and when you take it out the box slides out. That's a big deal. With acrylic jewelry boxes, the box doesn't just rest on the spot where the acrylic rubs on the acrylic. Instead (as befits crates) it is hung on small rails. You have no drawers. It's literally a cube inserted into a larger cube. As you push it out, it rubs against the sides and bottom, creating friction and more unnatural tension. This also means that changing the box creates friction. There is no such thing as a smooth glide. It's a tug to get out and a nudge to get it back. In this price range? Serious? Problem 2: Didn't anyone in the design department have a ruler handy on design day? The outer cube is a full inch longer than the inner cube. You really see how poorly fitted the inner cube (I refuse to call it a box) is compared to the outer box. If it was an opaque set, this might not have been noticed. But it's acrylic. We see your laziness, folks. Problem 3: A set arrived damaged. I will release this. After all, it is acrylic and does not like to be painted even in a soft environment. I can't fault the filling attempts as the boxes were packaged sensibly. You just have to search for it. I think calling it a box is wrong. If the only thing this was meant to offer was a stackable transparent storage device, there are other items as well. Keep looking for the price. They make stackable acrylic paints with flip tops (just do a quick search. I won't name a drop here) that serve this purpose. call it a "box". In its current form, it looks more like cubes of cloth sitting in nooks and crannies, but no one dares call them "boxes".

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