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Review on Experience Unmatched Stability On Your Next Adventure With Foxelli Collapsible Trekking Poles by Gerson Lagerquist

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Saved Fatigue In My Knees

My wife wanted trekking poles for our trip to Yosemite coming up this year so I researched and decided on these Foxelli aluminum collapsible and am glad I chose these. I bought a set for me too because even though I hike much less than her (I'm more of a cyclist), my research (which admittedly amounted to reading reviews on Revain) indicated that trekking poles can save some energy, so with Yosemite approaching, why not as trekking poles seem pretty doggone affordable. ANY-hoo.We went on a hike today in Shenandoah National Park off Skyline Drive to take these on a trial run. I really did appreciate having them because when my wife asked how my knees were doing towards the end of our hike I realized that I hadn't even been thinking about them for the entire hike. I had a traumatic injury to both knees in late 2017 requiring emergency surgical repair (see photo). Since rehab, although my knees don't often truly hurt, they get VERY fatigued when I stand or walk too much without resting. So that seeks well for trekking poles as a whole, but why these Foxellis?There are several reasons why I am glad I bought this brand: 1) Considering the overwhelming positive reviews, I also check the poor reviews. I noticed that every single poor review on Revain for these poles had a response from Foxelli asking the buyer to contact them so they could fix the problem. That responsiveness speaks volumes to me. 2) The price is incredible for the features on this brand and the warranty is great to have at this price range. 3) I was ecstatically surprised with two bonuses that are unadvertised but free with the purchase: a mini LED flashlight (handy), and more importantly free 2-year insurance policy by registering the poles within 2 days of receipt of the package - that's insurance, with free replacement if something happens to them.for 2 years! Unknown if this is a temporary offer, but the card insert tied to the poles does not have an expiration date so I presume it will be a standing offer with Foxelli for the foreseeable future. That's awesome!A minor note on some of the reviews that I read: some people complain that the tips fell off immediately. As explained in the included instructions, there are plastic tip guards that slide on and are for storage only and not for hiking - they will fall off if you try to use the storage tips. The other attachments (snow and mud baskets and pavement tips) actually are threaded and screw on. The threading on the poles (see photo) and the threading on the attachments are a tight fit and although we did not need any of them on our hike today, during the box opening and fiddling around it seems to me that the attachments are very secure when threaded on.Bottom line: both my wife and I are VERY pleased with these poles. They are a great value with the price, warranty and insurance. I'm not sure our dog likes them though as we were able to walk a far longer hike than she normally goes on. The is one tired puppy! (See photo.)

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  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Flip Lock Technology allows user to adjust pole’s length quickly and easily while firmly holding its position. Perfect fit for short or tall MEN, WOMEN & KIDS. Provides benefits to seniors and those carrying extra weight. Retractable from 24" to 55", this makes Foxelli walking poles one of the most versatile and compact in its class.
  • Could be cumbersome to use on narrow or crowded trails

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