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Review on Marshall Major 4 Bluetooth Headphones by Chun Hee Kim ᠌

A high-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

As a result. The cons pale in comparison to the pros. And if you are a rock maniac, then there are no cons for you at all. The sound is excellent. As mentioned above, many songs will sound different - you will rediscover them for yourself. Vitality - generally tears all competitors. Top in the market. Finding something even better in this regard is the only action that will take you longer than these headphones are able to reproduce sound. It is comfortable to wear, you almost do not feel them. Yes, you will feel some pressure if you listen for a really long time and in the summer on the street in them your ears will definitely sweat (there is no air conditioning built into the headphones). But - in addition to these nuances - it is comfortable to wear. The quality of the materials is excellent - do not listen to those leather workers who think otherwise. Just buy and see for yourself that the build quality and materials are up to par. And yes - I almost forgot - a very convenient joystick control on the right earpiece, classic for the Marshals. Like the home button on iPhones. Addictive. When I use other headphones (for example, for pop music and classics), every now and then I reach for the right earpiece to add sound)) I recommend!

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Pros & cons

  • Previously, I used only the usual wired Philips PRO6105 and wireless Vivo TWS 2e and was quite satisfied. Acquaintance with the Marshall brand came out completely by accident. Somehow, an old Marshall 2 fell into my hands. I was so struck by the crystal clear sound that I was ready not to part with them, but I had to part on the same day. By evening, due to circumstances, the headphones had already broken (it happens sometimes). But I could not forget them and, without thinking twice, I ordered a fourth for myself. Very satisfied with the purchase, I have rarely bought something so well. About the merits: 1. SOUND. First of all, voluminous and very tactile basses, which in certain tracks give off a pleasant vibration in the ear (for example, Rob Dugan's Clubbed to Death and Beautiful Lie from 30 Seconds to Mars sounded completely different). The sound is aggressive, powerful, some kind of animal-primitive - as if the Niagara Falls were converted into a stereo system and put into your ears. All in all, a sound with character. Not without cons, but about them later. 2. Vitality. 80+ hours of continuous work. Those. you can listen to music and during this time build, for example, a bathhouse. And even when you lay down after that 3 days of non-stop building, there will still be music playing on your breathless head. If you die with music, then with music from Marshal IV. 3. Ergonomics. I would not say that after wearing them for a long time they do not press, but I do not put this in minus. It would be worse if they fell off all the time at the slightest tilt of the head. Wearing marshals 4 is nice. 4. There is no active noise cancellation. And that's a plus! First of all, the passive noise cancellation does a pretty good job. All ambient sounds are noticeably muffled in them, which can clearly add 80+ hours of life to your neighbors with a drill. Secondly, despite the muffling of the sounds of the surrounding fauna, you do not risk burning out, listening to, for example, Rob Zombie, if suddenly someone in the neighborhood yells "Fire!". 5. Materials. Many, judging by the reviews on various resources, complained that de mole look cheap. Well, cheapness is in the eye of the beholder.
  • 1. These are not omnivorous headphones. Predator headphones. They do an excellent job with aggressive, roaring, "strong" sounds. Rock is their native element. I would call them rock headphones or even blockbuster headphones. It is a pleasure to watch dynamic scenes with many explosions and shootings in them. Sometimes they give creepy effects when you, watching a movie, can involuntarily turn around at a whisper, only to realize a second later that the whisper is in the movie. I somehow specifically took off to understand if it was raining for real. They are also great to play. In GRID Autosport, when you're on the track, the wind almost tickles your ears. Headphones very realistically transmit sounds such as a whisper or a quiet voice, as well as rain, wind, flames - the elements in general. But this advantage does not come without a price. And I'm not talking about money. If you are a fan of classical/stage music, or even pop music in general, then things are not going well here. Of course, the sound will be of high quality, but it will always give a certain bassiness, non-crystal sound, which is not typical of the above compositions. This is exactly the same nocturne on the drainpipe flute that Mayakovsky wrote about. Don't get me wrong - it's not critical. And yet, this nuance should be kept in mind. 2. Yes, it is stated that the headphones can last longer than the Energizer rabbit is able to listen to them. But he just doesn't want to listen for long. After an hour it starts to get boring. It's because of the emphasis on bass. So for those who like to listen without interruption for several hours in a row, it is better to look at more "pop" models. If you are not a musical Stakhanovite, then this is not a problem at all.

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November 16, 2022
Pros below: Great sound, nice material, long battery life, comfortable to wear. Has some cons Lack of ventilation after prolonged use.
November 16, 2022
Pros below: Holds a charge for a long time, connects to a laptop and phone at the same time Some cons: No microphone mute button
October 31, 2022
Some pros: Sound quality Comfortable to wear Hold a charge for a long time Cons: Short cord included No case
October 29, 2022
Got pros: Design, materials, sound Has cons: Marshall phone app not supported
October 28, 2022
Pros: Sound range and sound is good. Its cons: Crackling and intermittent sound during playback. Apparently, the marriage of headphones.

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